Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

For this week’s challenge, I”ll start with a picture of our screened backporch. This area is all mine! It’s the place I begin (and end) each day, and where I work on my blog when the weather is nice:

This porch is mine!

When sitting at the little table, this is what I currently see:

Also all mine!

Since we’re on the subject of holiday displays………

This Costume is MINE!!

This costume, known as Β “Meat & Potatoes!” is mine, and mine alone! It was quite the hit at last year’s party!


Until next time!

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Ha! Yes, the dollar stores are legendary. ; ) Love your sense of spirit and fun. And I love to see where other bloggers and writers write. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Anne!
      Just this morning, we passed a newly built ENORMO Dollar General all gussied for its Grand Opening. Ten years ago, I don’t think these stores were half as popular as they are today!
      Thank you for commenting!

    • Good morning, Gilly!
      The porch is a really comfortable, pleasant spot 9 mos of the year, and I spend a great deal of time reading/writing out there. I could use some nicer furnishings, but that’s down the road a bit, financially speaking! πŸ™‚

  2. What a great costume that isβ€”no surprise it was the hit of the party! I don’t have that kind of view from my writing space, which is probably good. I’d be too easily distracted!

  3. I love your very inspiring favorite spot. The beautiful view from outside, the fascinating and exciting things in the back porch, the seasonal thrills like pumpkins and all, truly a perfect place to dream and create the most amazing things. Fun costume! Thanks.

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