Wordless Wednesday: October 17, 2012

McKee Botanical Garden is preparing for its third annual showcase of Scarecrows in the Garden! Today was installation day and Ivana and I were there with our creation, “Ms Kitty Furr-al”  a cat with an important message: Spay and neuter: don’t breed ferals!

Ms. Kitty Furr-al, McKee Scarecrow Contest, October 2012

This year, 21 local families, schools and businesses participated and from what we saw, every entry was extremely clever and creative! The winner is selected by the popular vote of people visiting the garden between Oct. 19 and Halloween.  The winner will be announced November 1st via McKee’s Facebook Page.

Wish us luck!!

To learn more about spaying/neutering your pets, click this Humane Society link: It’s more affordable than you think!

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20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: October 17, 2012

    • It was an experience!
      The other entries were ALL so good, it will be interesting to see who gets the most votes! FYI, Facebook voting opens on the 23rd, so I’ll put a link with instructions on my homepage…hint…hint….

  1. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Life gets out-of-hand sometimes and now is one of those times here at my old home stead. lol Thanks for contacting me, I’m flattered you’re using my no awards signs. Your welcome to it. 🙂
    I love your scarecrowcat and agree with the message totally. Our new puppy isn’t quite old enough now, but in a few weeks, we’ll take him in to have him neutered.
    I hope your scarecrowcat had a good ranking and won. 🙂

    • Hello E.C.! Nice to hear from you 🙂 Congrats on the new pup!!

      The contest is ongoing! Voting by people visiting McKee in person began yesterday; Facebook votes can be cast starting Oct. 23rd! I’ll be posting a link that day, so check back if you’d like to help us win!! 🙂

    • Yes, SO crucial for everyone to be responsible and do their part in reducing feral populations.
      When I first moved into smallhouse there was a colony of stray cats in the canal behind my back fence. Our house had been empty awhile and when they realized our prescence, they came ’round ALL the time in search of food! Those poor souls….dirty, scarred, insect infested and hungry….terrible, terrible!! So many fights and loud wailing at night, it was scary and heartbreaking.
      And to think it’s so simple for pet owners to neuter, yet they don’t bother? I don’t get it!
      Anyway, thank you for leaving a comment, AND recognizing the problem!

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