Share Your World: Week 42 (plus need some help with a plant i.d.)

It’s been months since I’ve written a Share Your World post…my apologies to Cee, who created this fun challenge!!  After reading the questions last Sunday, I promised to give them a whirl. Here goes 🙂 :

It’s a very hot and muggy day. You desperately want something very cool and refreshing to quench your thirst and revitalize your body. What would you drink?

Definitely seltzer water!  If it’s a week I’m flush with cash I buy White Rock or Perrier. This is not a week I’m flush with cash, (and Publix was selling BOGO 12packs last week,) so it’s La Croix all-day-every-day for the foreseeable future: 😉  Nothing hits the spot better than the sizzle dizzle of an ice cold La Croix; crystal clear, unflavored is my seltzer of choice regardless of brand.  As you can see, I took a can outside today while potting up a false globe amaranth ordered from (more about that website, later.)

La Croix Seltzer is the BEST sizzle DIZZLE water ever!

Next question: 🙂

What do you keep in the trunk of your car?

At this time, I have neither a license nor vehicle, but I’ll share what I keep in the trunk of Maggie’s car.  None of these items needs explanation, beyond saying they’re VERY important to my mental health, as is the setting 😎

Don't leave home with them! :)

pssssst…..wanna know a secret?…the cooler is packed with Sizzle Dizzle!

Question 3

What is your favorite TV show that is currently on TV?

Without question, Good Cop!  The most amazing, well acted, best written drama to air on BBC in ages (trust me I know my Brit TV better than most Brits…for real!)  I’ve figured out a million different ways to access their past and present shows (for free via my laptop,) so why do I still pay for Cable!??!!  Oh right ➡ Tremé and Homeland are why I keep  ATT U-Verse, but both pale in comparison to my beloved lineup on the BBC!  Watch the Good Cop trailer to see what I mean:

On to the final question:

Is it more important to love or be loved?

If you define love as popularity or ego-stroking accolades, you might say it’s more important to be loved. I’m of the opinion, you can’t truly be loved without loving others. I’m not sure I even answered the question! Maybe I should go into politics?  🙂

Now to the plant identification portion of the post…

Last week I ordered 5 conservatory plants (their choice) from winter bloomer collection.  I was thrilled with the selection, vitality and size of everything sent. This one, labeled Coleus Thyrsoideus, was a plant I’d never seen before:

Coleus (Plectranthus) Thyrsoideus?

Being unfamiliar with this specimen, I immediately did some research: the flower and foliage above look nothing like any pictures or artist’s renderings I found online so I re-read the catalog description at Glasshouseworks:

“Flowering Coleus” This is a clone we received from Longwood Gardens some 15

years ago. We have been told that the flower is not at large as it should be to
be the true form; we are researching this now. Order with this in mind. The
picture is of our clone. We have included pictures from one of our customers
here also. If you can give us any further information, please do. Attractive
much-branched compact shrub covered with spikes of indigo-blue flowers
mid-winter. Easy hobby greenhouse plant as popular with growers today as with
Victorian gardeners for the impressive display of mid winter blossoms. Sometimes
this is classified as a Plectranthus…

So evidently they’re aware of a discrepancy. 🙂

I love a good garden mystery!  Do any of you have the same plant I do?  Here is a close-up of the flower and leaves:Close up of flower and foliage of mystery plant

Let me know if you recognize it or know the common or botanical names!

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂

11 thoughts on “Share Your World: Week 42 (plus need some help with a plant i.d.)

  1. LOL yes, both refer to carbonated/mineral/bubbly water, although the only people you’d hear saying sizzle DIZZLE (caps indicate louder voice when saying the phrase 🙂 ) are those in my immediate circle! ha!
    It all started when I took a quick huge gulp of White Rock and felt the impact in my nose! “that’s some serious sizzle DIZZLE” said I, and thus the phrase was born!

  2. I get all of my perennials from a nursery in Carlisle, MA, Blanchette Gardens. They don’t offer mail order, but they have identified plants for me, with both the Latin and common names, with just a photo sent via email. Here’s Leo Blanchette’s email address:

    • I’ve been there!! Wow!!
      When we left the Boston area for Metro West (and later) Central MA., I needed a replacement nursery for Mahoney’s…. Blanchette’s was the one! As soon as I hit “post comment” I’ll email the pic to Leo. 🙂
      Thank you!

    • hahaha that’s because we Americans love our cheap semi-disposable stuff! LOL This is all tongue-in-cheek of course, but now you’ve got me wondering: what do you all use as beach chairs?

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