Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

The plants in my Ranchero garden are an eclectic mix of native, non-native and downright foreign, like this Opuntia Microdasys Albispina (whose story I’ve previously shared.)

Opuntia Microdasys came from Naxos, Greece!

It was a big surprise when this cactus arrived in 2010 via international mail; a single, rootless pad severed from a plant on a Naxos, Greece balcony!  Since crossing the Atlantic, it’s grown quite a bit, spawning a new family tradition AND American offspring ➡ when Maggie recently left Vero for her college apartment, I sent a single, rootless pad along for the ride!  🙂

The next foreign plant has never appeared on the blog before…strange really, considering the backstory!

Jackfruit Tree Sapling, Oct 31, 2012 Vero Beach. FL

The sapling amidst the mexican donkey ears is a Jackfruit tree, grown from foreign seeds I received in a bizarre, roundabout way from my stepdad.

The story goes like this:

In August 2010, he went to metro Boston for his grandchild’s 1st birthday. During the visit, he met a next-door neighbor, a Filipino lady who purchased a jackfruit at the local Asian market.. Upon hearing he was returning to Florida she said, “take these seeds and grow them.”  (wierd story?!!)  He pocketted the seeds….actually, he packed them in his carry-on: there were 8 seeds in total, and they were HUGE!

Naturally, when he got back to Vero Beach, he gave them to me:  “Take these seeds and grow them.” 😉  ha!!!  It was more like, “maybe you can do something with these?”

And so, most were dug into the Ranchero and a few into pots: 6 germinated and did well until the historic, 3 week cold snap of December, 2010.  In a month when lizards and oranges fell dead from frostbitten trees, I never expected my tiny new seedlings would survive, yet one did!   A truly remarkable event since Jackfruit trees are rare (foreign, really) anywhere north of Miami!

For more facts and legends about these interesting trees, click here

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂


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    • Oh I’m all too familiar with little VA courtyards…we lived on the Falls Church/Fairfax line near Rte 50 for 5 yrs and had a little poststamp sized one! Ours was a condo complex so I had tons of potted cacti around that I’d bring in a few months each year.
      Thanks for leaving a comment. Much appreciated!

  2. My grandma used to love buying a small pot of cactus plant each time we went to the night market. She also had one at her old house which grew so tall it touched the ceiling and started growing horizontally.

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  4. It reminds me a little of the crown of thorns plant my husband and I had back in Illinois. There was no way to move it to Maryland, so it went to my brother’s house. It’s proceeded to have lots of offspring that have made their way around. 🙂

  5. What a nice surprise! Isn’t fun when a seedling pops up from nowhere, especially when you least expect it (and, of course, when it’s not a weed). I wonder how big your Jack Fruit will get. My grandma (who was from the Philippines) had ALL kinds of fruit trees on the property we grew up in, in Hawaii…a gigantic mango tree, papaya, guava, calamansi (lime), jack fruit, bread fruit (I always get the two mixed up)…we were very lucky!

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