Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I initially read this week’s challenge incorrectly: I thought the topic was URBAN renewal 🙄 which would have been a problem.  Regular (garden variety? ha!) renewal….not so much!  THAT I’ve got on “lockdown”–to coin a phase from today’s young ‘uns!!

Take a look. 🙂

In the case of this Crimson Rambler morning glory

….renewal happened overnight:

Next, a Madagascar Palm transplanted last winter

Madagascar Palm, 11/16/12

…has color changes showing renewal of at least 1/3 of its body.

And then there’s the Dracaena Deremensis Warneckii I accidentally damaged….

Dracaena Deremensis Warneckei, 11/11/12

I needn’t have worried; it practices self renewal, the same way an Aloe Ciliaris does:

Aloe Ciliaris 11/11/12

This last photo illustrates my all-time-favorite renewal process, common to all kalanchoes.

Kalanchoe Daigremontiana 11/15/12The Mother of Thousands plant ( aka Kalanchoe Daigremontiana) renews along the leaf margins, dropping hundreds of tiny clones to sow and grow beneath her!

So there you have it, renewal in spades!  Please forgive the garden puns, I just can’t resist! They make me 🙂 and break into dance…Happy Dance!

And THAT renews my soul!

Until next time….

🙂 🙂

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

  1. Not only do I learn about gardening from you, I also learn new slang! Yes, I’m totally out of the younger loop except for brief glimpses from my nieces and nephews. 🙂

    • Slang and I go waayyyy back..I’ve been fascinated by it as long as I can remember. For awhile I subscribed to “slang word of the day” emails from a variety of English speaking countries. Someday I’ll do a post about language and slang…interesting topic!

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  3. The pictures are renewing. Every time I come to your blog, I’m in a garden.
    My mother had this kind of mixed flowering beauties tucked among her grape lines, gooseberry bushes and abundant vegetables, so this is like coming home for me.
    Thank you.

    • I love that I’m reading your comment on Thanksgiving day; you’ve made me feel so appreciated. I think all bloggers write primarily for themselves, but it’s always nice to hear how something we posted had an impact on a reader.
      Thank you, SO much, and I hope you had a great holiday! 🙂

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