Weekly Photo Challenge: Change of Seasons

In my neck of the woods, Aloe flowerspikes scream Change of Season almost as much as cars with northern license plates! 😉  While puttering in my rear garden this morning, I noticed an Aloe Ciliaris  sporting a healthy looking inflorescense:

Aloe Ciliaris Flower Spike, 12/14/12

Like most aloes, A. Ciliaris hails from Africa (mine came from Target, though! ha! 😉 ) When planted from seed, this vining climber grows FAST, but often takes 2-3 years to bear bright orange/red flowers. In their fully opened state, the flowers are approximately an inch long and tubular shaped, hanging in loose clusters from cone shaped racemes.

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🙂 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change of Seasons

  1. I do like Aloes so much, but alas, they do not like our climate! So I will enjoy them on your site instead!

    • Before i was able to grow them outside, my various apts/houses were bursting with succulents . If I thought the window afforded enough sun, I plopped them on sills or hung them from hooks. Looking back I realize I sort of over did it! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I’m so appreciative that you feel what I share here is worthy and worth singling out. After much consideration a few months back I placed an “Award Free” Badge on the homepage.

        • Honestly, most people don;t read a blog’s homepage much, so the badges and doodads there tend to be overlooked. Once I’m a frequent visitor to a blog I go directly to the person’s post or bypass the blog completely in favor of the “reader” especially when I’m accessing WP via my cell.
          I’ve been thinking the developers need to find a design that makes the homepages more important again!

  2. Ah, shouldn’t be long before the snowbirds arrive! My in-laws used to go to Florida every winter with some of their friends and neighbors. They all had trailers/mobile homes at the same place. Then there were the summer trailers in northern Wisconsin. I thought it was nice that they even enjoyed traveling with their friends!

    • Yes, the influx of northern winter residents is upon us ! I love it though, because it means Festival Season ramps up. Every weekend from January thru April there are fun things happening and it’s due to their arrival. 🙂
      Your in-laws lifestyle sounds similar to my stepdad’s parents who did the Silver Stream trailer thing with several close couples/friends. Eventually, they bought a house here in Vero Beach (in the 1940s) and upon their death, it passed to my stepdad and mother; the rest, as they say, is history.

  3. I love aloes. So useful for burns and healing, as well as looking lovely in the garden.
    Thanks too for the ‘Like’ on my blog! 🙂

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