Wordless Wednesday: January 2, 2013

Today’s (wordy? ;)) Wordless Wednesday photo was taken on New Year’s Day.  I was thrilled to see the first opened bud on my Passiflora Alatocaerulea:

Passiflora Alatocaerulea, 1/1/13

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21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: January 2, 2013

  1. I’ve never seen that kind. In fact, I never saw a single passionflower until I moved here to Oklahoma and it tried to take over my porch! It seems I have a passiflora incarnata. Good to know!

    • I first learned of these flowers last year during certification training: I was shocked to read they grow readily (and well!) in Massachusetts…somehow I NEVER ran across them there…or in VA. where I lived for 5years!
      There are over 400 different varieties, of which I grow 2 others: P. Incense which is a cross between your variety and P.Cincinnata; and an unidentified pass-along that although a year old has yet to set flowers.
      I’m not surprised your incarnata hijacked your porch! Anything that grows up to 3 ft in one day is hard to keep in check!

      Happy New Year, in your first full year as a family! May all good things come your way, Dena. 🙂

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