Hippeastrum Cybister “Evergreen” (Surprise, part 2)

This is the third (and last) stalk from the Amaryllis seen in Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise.  Aptly titled, that first post: nature is nothing if not unpredictable!  Who knew placing Hippeastrum stems in water created big curlicues along the hollow, snipped end?!  


Naturally I wanted a closer look, but the jug’s narrow neck precludes removing the flower!  No matter how I twist and poke, the curlicues are swollen with water and hard as rocks.  They….just….won’t….budge!


I’ve sentenced my plant to life without parole AND death in a watery grave! Double whammy!!

I swear, I didn’t know! 😉


Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

Editted on Jan 12, 2013 at 4:45pm to include a close up of the bottom of the stem:

Cut Amaryllis with Curlicue Stem, 1/12/13


15 thoughts on “Hippeastrum Cybister “Evergreen” (Surprise, part 2)

  1. I love green flowers – and these green hippies are just fantastic! Yes, I knew they made giant curlicues – discovered them when removing spent stems from the vase the first spring I was with Ma and Papa. I suppose it is a bit weird – but daffodils and jonquils, even tulips and hyacinths do it too, and I always think it helps them draw up water and is what makes them such excellent cut flowers.

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