Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Since January 1st, the Sunshine State has been anything but sunny ❗  Of the past 14 days, 9 have been partly-to-mostly cloudy and today was MOTS.  When the sky hinted at steely illumination around 8:45am, I went running for the camera:

Steely Illumination, 1/14/13

While zooming the lens, I noticed a glare bouncing around the Brazilian Pepper Tree so rapidly started clicking.

Illumination, Brazilian Pepper Tree, 1/14/13

I’m thrilled I caught this illuminating shot…so early in the week, too. 🙂

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Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

  1. I love clouds!! yours are beautiful 🙂 Where do you live? We moved here from Sarasota. I always loved it there in the summer because of the fantastic thunderheads and gorgeous clouds. It looks like you have a great garden and tons of interesting plants and flowers.

  2. Even though as a florida resident I feel cheated by cloudy days (carryover from living in CA), but those silvery photos make it all look thrilling

    • Thank you, George!
      I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your blog, btw…such fantastic info.
      Since you’re practically a neighbor, keep Gardenfest in mind if you’re out and about on February 2 or 3! Today we’re working on the schedule for our booth and coordinating our literature. Should be lots of fun, as always!

  3. It’s been cloudy and dreary here, too. Not a good combination with the already darkest month of the year. 😦 I’m ready for the hints of spring that often arrive in February!

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