Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

I visited the Palm Beach Zoo yesterday and noticed monkey business among the trees!


Zooming in a little closer, it looked an awful lot like love. 🙂


For a complete list of the Zoo’s inhabitants, check out their Animals Page.  FYI, I’m heading there now: I loved this wacky, intense bird from the Zoo Wetlands Area and need a species i.d.!


Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

    • The monkeys appeared so gentle with their grooming. Although I didn’t get a good enough photo to post here, another female had a newborn in her arms, and they looked SO humanlike in stance. Amazing sight!

  1. The monkeys look suspiciously like chimpanzees, which technically means they’re apes. 😉 I’m glad someone was able to ID the bird because it’s really neat looking!

    • Here’s the wierd thing…I thought they were chimps, too, but the sign at their habitat listed them as Spider Monkeys. Ordinarily I wouldn’t question a zoo sign and would have identified them as Spider Monkeys when writing this post. However, I think the sign was wrong which is why I referred to them rather generically!!

      • Yeah, those shoulders look way too muscular for spider monkeys. I was around them in Honduras, and they are much thinner in build. That might have been an old sign left behind when they moved the animals around?

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