Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Riverside Park was transformed to a tropical oasis this weekend thanks to the annual celebration of Gardenfest!  I’ve just started transferring the ridiculous amount of photos I took, but it’s proving quite a challenge. Two days ago, my trusty, broken-in, much loved laptop shuddered and faded away….seriously!!  One massive vibration and bright flash of light before the screen slowwwwllllyyyyy went black! 😦  Goodbye old friend, hello Windows 8 new friend: please tell me where you’re hiding my pictures!?

New relationships….Arghhhh. 😉

Happily, I’ve managed to locate a few of my Gardenfest images, and they uniquely sum up the magic that is Vero Beach:


Epiphytes and seashells: separately abundant here,  yet unique when combined.

The epiphyte above–Tillandsia Bulbosa–fits the weekly challenge in an additional way.  With its contorted, cylindrical, bright green leaves and 2″ diameter bulbous base, no other “Tilly” looks remotely like it. It is truly unique among its species!  As bloomtime approaches, it produces bright red/orange bracts (like you see in the picture,) from which purple, tubular flowers emerge.  To learn more about this airplant, check out the informative plant of the month article at the Central Ohio Cactus and Succulent Society website.

It may be a few days ’til I’m comfortable enough with Windows 8 to manage a full entry on the many interesting booths and vendors I saw this weekend. Every possible garden accessory/tool/plant from mundane to exotic was represented….and I”ve got the pics to prove it!

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

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  2. Lovely epiphyte! I’m slowly killing a bromeliad as I type this (unintentionally, as usual, but at some point I have to accept responsibility for the fact that I keep procuring them and seem to have no ability to maintain them. Entering my home is essentially a death sentence for bromeliads).

    And thank you for the mention!

    • You’re very welcome!
      Bromeliads are not that easily kept indoors…contrary to what all the reading says about their ease as houseplants!
      I had a few I wanted to display in my parlor but had to put them outside (the climate here allows that) because they were definitely suffering and getting limp in the house!

  3. Great photo! I was completely unfamiliar with this plant. I feel like you expand my knowledge with every blog! I’ll look forward to the other photos and info from the show. Good luck with the new computer…you’re the second one today who has mentioned Windows8.

  4. Ooh, they look like some kind of alien life form to me! 🙂 My husband’s laptop is getting up there in age, and we’re hoping it holds out until this summer before we need to buy a new one. Windows 8 looks so different, I know there’s going to be a steep learning curve!

    • Yes! One of my sons says the same thing about tillandsias…they creep him out actually!
      re: windows 8…”major league learning curve” is how i JUST described it two minutes ago while on the phone with a friend!

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