Wordless Wednesday: February 13, 2013

While pulling weeds at Hallstrom Wildflower Garden yesterday, I noticed bright pink flowers where none had been the week before. The Bauhinia Blakeana tree is starting to bloom! 🙂


Among the 200+ Bauhinia varieties, 4 are common in Florida and very hard to tell apart. You’ve seen the Bauhinia Purpurea in my rear yard, and with the exception of flower color, it looks much like B. Blakeana.  Here’s a straight-on view of the entire Hallstrom tree :


B. Blakeana is a sterile hybrid about which much has been written.. If you’d like to learn more about the tree’s origin and parentage click this link at the American Journal of Botany.

For everyone up North ➡ Hang tight: your wildflowers are coming ❗


Until next time…..


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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: February 13, 2013

  1. Thank you for the ping, I need to remember to do them! I am crushing on those little pink flowers. We are tired of brown and nekkid trees and bushes in Missouri! Thank you for the encouragement for us up North people for seeing some flower faces soon. The daffies are popping up thru the brown.. 🙂

      • The daffy flower isn’t up yet, just the green tips. I am trying to remember when our tulips show their faces. How about I take a picture when they do. They better not show up for awhile, an early Spring means a long summer and we are still in drought and I am not ready for that!

    • Back when my ex was in Med School we had these friends that had moved from Colorado to Massachusetts who couldn’t get over how GRAY our boston winters were….they always said CO. was full of blue skies in winter, except of course on days it snowed. I always assumed all the mountain states (including yours) were blue sky heaven in winter. Have you had an atypical cloudy season this year or is lack of sun your winter norm?

  2. Our winter staple, pansies, were beaten down by some cold and wet snow recently. I’m sure they’ll be replanted soon. 😉 But I’m ready for real flowers! For now, though, it’s just pussy willows and some budding on trees like red maples. Where are the bulbs?!

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