Wordless Wednesday: February 20, 2013

I purchased this budding Potinara orchid from the Krull-Smith tent at Gardenfest a few weeks ago. It hasn’t fully opened, but looked so pretty when the sun came out today I thought I’d take a picture!


Potinaras are hybrids bred with the best qualities of the Cattleya, Brassavola, Laelia, and Sophronitis generas.  This hybrid is called Potinara Elaine Taylor and the deep pink/red in the picture is exactly what you see in person. (I like when that happens!)

For an excellent orchid FAQ , check out the care tips at BeautifulOrchids.com.

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

ps. I’ve got a whopper of a sinus cold and have fallen behind reading and commenting on many of your blogs.  I hope to catch up soon, 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: February 20, 2013

    • Funny you mention the leaves….I was unsure if the color was “right” because this type of hybrid is new to me. When I researched and learned a healthy Potinara has apple green leaves, I was satisfied they were a-ok.

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