Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

When I first saw the topic for this week’s photo challenge I was stymied: how do you illustrate the word forward?!?  I shouldn’t have worried though. Nature showed me an answer this morning…


……Plains Coreopsis, beaten forward by a brief torrential rain.

The Coreopsis genus was designated Florida’s official wildflower in 1991. This drought resistant, full-sun perennial is found in a variety of colors, from golden-yellow to pink.  Most have a clumping habit but height varies according to cultivar, ranging from 9″ dwarf varieties to the tallest 3′  Coreopsis Tinctoria seen in the picture.

I just realized I have other suitable photos, taken yesterday at Hallstrom House:


….a red Hibiscus holds the forward position in this still life….

and in the full view image below:


See other bloggers’ interpretations  by clicking on the Zemanta provided links below:

Until next time…..

Always put your best foot forward

🙂 😉 🙂

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