The Weekly View and some Orchid Pics!

It’s been exactly one week since my Tillandsia Utriculata began spiking. Take a look at it today: 🙂


3.5″ growth in 7 days!  I knew it happened fast, but this is wayyyyy speedier than anticipated!

Another change worth noting is the appearance of reddish ridges along the spike. As this central structure elongates, little side branches will shoot up and out, reaching toward the sun in arc-like fashion!  .

Late winter is orchid time in Florida, and I’m pretty amped by the  growth of this phalaneopsis:


Look closely (or click on the pic to enlarge it) and you’ll notice 2 sidespikes growing off the back of the main one!   Huge difference from the last time it bloomed in Feb. of 2012!  I think it likes its home under the tree. 🙂

Equally impressive is my lone Dendrobium orchid, which has been blooming NONSTOP since October 1, 2012.


This current group of flowers grew from the tallest stem’s second bloomspike!  (You can see a snipped off portion of the original flowerspike at the stem’s terminal end)  Cast your eyes to the bottom right corner of the photo and you’ll see yet another emerging spike, this one from the plant’s SHORTEST stem.  As long as this orchid stays healthy, I suspect we’ll see flower activity for another 4 months or so.  Wow!!

Until next time……

🙂 🙂 🙂


20 thoughts on “The Weekly View and some Orchid Pics!

  1. Beautiful….I love Spring and can’t wait for signs here in Colorado. I’ll need to wait at least another month. Amazing growth on that plant!

    • Thanks Ingrid!
      I just noticed the WP email alert for your most recent post but haven’t clicked on it yet. Is the title correct? More snow headed your way today?
      I’m clinging tightly to good thoughts of spring for you!

    • Hi Madhu and thank you for the compliment. 🙂
      I’m fairly new to Orchids and still learning how to care for them properly.
      I’ve had these plants for a few years but only started using orchid fertilizer and bloom boosters (on an actual schedule) during the past 6mos. I think it has helped!

  2. I love orchids. It does remind me of my mom’s garden. She has lots of these. Some are already growing widely on Mango and Mahogany trees. Beautiful and exciting blooms.

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