Wonderful way to honor the day. My daughter is studying labor trafficking as part of her social work degree and the stories she brings home are horrendous. The world has a loonnnggggg way to go before women are treated with the respect they deserve.

Chronicles of Illusions


This year’s Woman’s International Day theme is that it is time for action to stop violence against women.


In researching IWD I came across alarming statistics.


  • Up to 70% of women will at some point in their lives experience physical and/or sexual violence. Scary isn’t it.
  • Violence against women has a marked affect on the economy. It costs the US around $5.8 billion a year.
  • Violence against women is predictable if we study a range of issues. Economic, social, cultural, legal factors all influence the prevalence of violence.


  • Violence against women increases their risk of contacting HIV.
  • Both the physical health and the mental health of women who experience violence can deteriorate and affect their long term health.
  • Children who witness this violence have more social, emotional, behavioural, cognitive and general health problems than children who do not.
  • One in four women are abused during pregnancy.
  • During armed conflicts women…

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