Where’s the Weekly View?

I’m overdue for a “Weekly View” post but it may be on hold a bit longer.  While working at Hallstrom House last Tuesday, I big time wrenched my upper back, lifting wicked heavy (for me) debris-laden tarps.  😦  Since then I’ve been confined to the house, resting flat and doing little beyond squelching the rising panic over my less-than-speedy recovery ❗

However…it IS getting better and I just got out to the garden for the first time in week! Yaayyy!!!

Ranchero, 3/11/13

As you can see, the Luther Burbank Opuntias are still blooming alongside a crown-of-thorn shrub that was heavily pruned a few months ago.

The day before my injury, I planted 20 lily bulbs from an “Unspecified Assortment 15pk.”  Now if you’re scratching your head, saying  “hmmm, chick can’t add?” be advised: the numerically challenged party in this equation is Wal-Mart, but I’ve got no complaints!  5 free lilies works for me. Several have broken the surface already, and here’s one, variety unknown.

Lily breaking the surface, 3/11/13

Another lily making an appearance this week was a red Canna, the first of early Spring:

Red Canna Lily, 3/11/13

The nasturtiums have been around awhile but are finally leafing out and blooming prodigiously. This colorful flower always makes me smile:

Nasturtium, 3/11/13

My biggest surprise was seeing how the purple phalaenopsis had changed:

Purple Phalaenopsis, 3/11/13

What a beauty!   The next image shows the entire plant (with two additional bloomspikes):

Phalaneopsis w/ 3 bloom spikes, 3/11/13

I tried shooting the Tillandsia next, but the upward angle and twisting involved exceeded my limited range of motion.  I CAN tell you it’s really tall though!  🙂

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

15 thoughts on “Where’s the Weekly View?

  1. The garden is looking really good 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear about your back, and I hope you’ll be up and about in no time 🙂

  2. Gorgeous just gorgeous. Your flowers are awesome.
    I’m sorry to hear of your injury. I’m sending healing thoughts your way. Take care and hopefully you’ll be back to your perky self soon. 🙂

  3. I think backs take longer to heal than just about any other part of the body, so I hope you feel better soon! Love seeing the colorful flowers—we’re starting to get some blooms on daffodils, crocus, and snow iris around here. Often we see them in February, but it took until March this year. I’m ready for more!

  4. Your hard work in this beautiful garden has taken a toll on your back. Rest is good…but if I know gardeners…there’s hardly a day that you can sit and just look at the work you want to accomplish. just don’t lift and don’t bend……right?

  5. I had a Laminectomy years ago.. so I know about back pain and just how debilitating it can be. I feel for you, i really do.
    Lovely photographs as ever and the Canna poking up from the soil sends a message to me. It says, ” Look at me I am alive ” Is NATURE NOT JUST SIMPLY AMAZING !!!
    Lovely post .
    Rest up now my lovely far away friend and let Nature heal your pain.

    • Thank you, Kenny!
      In the past 2 days I feel almost miraculously better. I mean, it’s still hurting like hell, but I don’t feel crippled if that makes any sense?
      And yes, Cannas are such incredibly gorgeous gifts from nature. They thrive under such adverse conditions, and that’s what makes me love them most.

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