The Weekly View: Tillandsia Utriculata, 3/16/13

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve REALLY missed blogging. 😮 Though my back is TONS improved, I’m still having trouble holding the camera steady: please overlook the less-than-crisp quality of today’s photos?

Let’s begin ❗

While I’ve been resting and recuperating, T.utriculata has been full of energy!  Check out this picture, taken yesterday at 535pm:

Tillandsia Utriculata 3/16/13

The flowerspike now measures exactly 9″!  By next week, it should break through the leaves and begin stretching toward the sun. 🙂

Last season, moles destroyed every dwarf larkspur growing in the rear cutting garden.  After safely removing the rodents In January , I sowed new larkspur seeds near a wire basket plant support… Here’s to hoping this plant stays around!


In the Ranchero garden, a patch of Centaurea has reseeded from last year’s single plant. Most are still in the foliage stage, but one is waking up nicely amid the nasturtium:


March heralds the beginning of Florida’s amaryllis season, with the first bloomspike arriving right on schedule! 🙂


Nothing says Spring like a lily patch! This week, Hemorcallis Hyperion really kicked it into high gear!


This canary-yellow, re-blooming hybrid has been around since 1925. Unlike many modern daylilies, these flowers emit a light, sweet fragrance at dawn and dusk.

Thank you SO much to everyone who sent thoughts and good wishes my way….This week, I’ll be back on track with replies/comments/posts!

 Enjoy the rest of St. Paddy’s!


24 thoughts on “The Weekly View: Tillandsia Utriculata, 3/16/13

  1. Back problems can return with a sneeze if you aren’t careful, so be patient and try not to over-do if you can help it.
    Your photos look top quality to me. I love your flowers and plants. I can hardly wait to see the new blooms of the spike and the amaryllis. Your blooming flowers are so bright and cheerful.
    Love the little st patty smileys they’re so cute. I hope you had a lovely and enjoyable St Patrick’s Day. 🙂

    • Hi E.C.
      The sneezing/back scenario happened to my stepdad! A few years back he leant forward while sneezing and got STUCK in that position! Hand to God!

      My mother had to bring him to the E.R. where he was given muscle relaxants/pain pills/tranqs/etc.. When they kicked in, the doc was able to straighten him out, but it was a slow recovery. Backs are so dang tricky!

      I knew you’d love those St. Paddy emoticons. They came from the Smiley Central android app!

  2. The garden is definitely depicting a turn of season.. how wonderful for you.. as we feel the Autumn in the early morning temps now.. glad your feeling better.. but look after your self…

  3. I love the yellow day lily and I can’t see anything wrong with your photos 🙂 It’s amazing how much of our body is affected by a bad back, glad you’re on the mend.

    • Thank you, friend. 🙂
      I always thought it was weird when exercise vids refer to ab/back routines as “core” strengtheners, but now I TOTALLY get it!. Without good range of motion in that area, the rest of the body can’t function properly! Seriously!
      ( I know people reading this are saying “D’uh!” Seems SO obvious to me now too. 🙄

  4. I am sorry to hear that your back is sore, but glad that you are on the mend. I like Charlie could not detect any shake in your photographs.

    • Hello!
      My daughter’s fiancée is home in Dublin this week. Yesterday he posted (on Facebook) how chilly it felt to his Florida blood!
      I’m looking at a Dublin Webcam now and everyone appears bundled up in coats/hats/scarves! What’s the typical March temperature there?

      • Oh he picked a good week to come over with all the festivities going on!! Not a great week for the weather though!! Woke up this morning to snow showers so I would say coats and scarfs came in very handy this morning! It is normally anything from 7C to 10C at this time of the year here

  5. Well, daylilies are still in the future around here! The bulbs are going fairly well, and a few early cherry blossoms are opening, but right now it’s 34 and raining!

  6. Well if this is an indication of what kind of photos you take when your hand is wobbly, then I will prepare to be blown away when you are back to full health. Wonderful photos. I feel like I am there in your garden!

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