A long way from Loserville.

When last I wrote, I was recuperating from a back injury.

Last Thursday I  felt horrific, so went to a local walk-in clinic. Within 30mins I was sent to hospital because my blood pressure and heart rate were at stroke out levels (most likely due to the extreme spasms/pain I’d been in for 2weeks.) I was also dehydrated because getting off the bed or couch to get drinks took sooooo much effort.. I ignored the thirst.

Long story short: the hospital gave me iv fluids, high blood pressure pills, anxiety meds (I had worked myself into wild stress anxiety) pain pillsmuscle relaxants. They ran tons of tests/xrays/bloodwork. Everything came back normal…no fractures/diabetes/kidney issues/etc., so 5hrs later they discharged me to the care of my mother, rather than home alone.

Well…that first night at her house I awoke at 3am in such horrific spasms I could not move without screaming. My mother called the EMTS who came FAST!  They lifted me like I weighed 3ounces and got me seated. They determined it was well past time for another round of meds and stuck around waiting for them to kick in. On the way out the door, one of the EMTs said he’d suffered the same type of injury and credited his chiropractor with getting him back to work and feeling fine!

Monday, I called a chiropractor.  For most people this is a simple, no brainer event but for me it was EXTREMELY difficult.

Although I’ve said very little on this blog about my ex-husband, he was a highly manipulative surgeon who controlled and brainswashed the kids and me for 17yrs when FINALLY I got smart and filed for divorce. Whatever my ex didn’t believe in, we couldn’t outwardly believe in or there’d be hell to pay. He insisted chiropractors were quacks who practiced chicanery and faulty science; the only people who used chiropractors (according to him) were shysters looking to get out of work or losers on the scam for a government check. With these thoughts circling, I arrived at 930am this past Monday for my first appointment.


This office was so far from Loserville I can’t believe I EVER bought into such CRAZY thinking.

The staff and Docs were ultra professional; xrays were taken and techniques were explained. Every patient I saw was someone like me: an average person seeking relief from painful knees/necks/backs/shoulders.   If these are the world’s losers, I have no problem joining their ranks.

After several sessions, I’m feeling REALLY good!  I’m walking upright and no longer getting spasms. My entire back feels more stable. I’m in my own house (alone) and not in such pain I can’t get up for food and drinks. Yesterday I even walked .15 of a mile to a coffee shop (something I couldn’t do a week ago) and felt proud and FREE starting this tiny walk from my chiropractic office..

I believe everything happens for a reason,,,even miserable experiences arrive to teach us something valuable.  I’m starting to view my backpain as God’s way of helping me untether from a very unpleasant past.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with the latest blooms from Phaleanopsis Lila Mystique



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  1. Oh, Sweetheart, I am so sorry…I know back pain can be the absolute worst (right up there next to bad husbands!). I had a similar horrible back spasm (in the x-ray, one hip was three inches higher than the other, due to the curve in my spine from the spasm. Regular visits to a chiropractor, and keeping up with the exercises they gave me to do at home has pretty much fixed me. I may go to chiropractor once every two or three years, that’s it. I’d grown up with the illusion that one visit doomed you to a life dependent on their treatments. Also, any doctor trained as a D.O. rather than an M.D. is also fully trained as a chiropractor. Good luck, get better, take care!

  2. I used to have back problems, all tied up with a bad relationship and an abusive childhood, like the IBS I also suffered. I tried the GP, osteopathy and physio but it was chiropractic followed by counselling that healed me. I still once in a while get a twinge and know it means I have to look at some issue to sort it, and I can always return to a chiroprator. So glad you’re better, physically and emotionally 🙂

  3. While I don’t believe in God, I do believe in untethering. I loved that part of this post, but only second to the fact that you’re feeling better, physically and in spirit!

  4. There are bad actors in every profession, I had a very bad dentist for a while. It always pays to get a second or even third opinion! SO glad that you’re feeling better!

  5. First up I’m so sorry to hear you had such pain and problems with your back.
    But second up welcome to my world – I’ve been seeing an osteopath for 20 years now, on and off – lots of offs, but I can tell you without his expertise I would have been in pain, probably had unnecessary surgery, the list goes on! I now see him for all sorts of stuff from headaches to footaches. I’m so pleased you found something that works for you – not everything can be or needs to be treated with tablets or the surgeons knife. Its amazing isn’t it!
    And lastly I just love your blog and love the name of the flower you chose for this post “Lila Mystique” – brilliant!

  6. I liked the ‘untethered’ section too!
    I had a similar ex and even though it was more than 10 year ago, I still notice ways in which things are better now.

    • isn’t that the truth! I texted something similar to my daughter yesterday, and she completely understood..certain situations send you back to a less pleasant moment in time you think “Thank God, THAT’S over!!”

  7. I am so sorry to hear…..ALL of it. Years ago I herniated a couple of discs in my neck. After 3 nights of no sleep and being worn down from pain, hubby took me to the emercency room. The ER DR. and staff thought I was just looking for pain pills and I was treated like crap. A chiropracter brought me relief and a personal trainer helped strengthen, which was the best decision. I won’t let a surgeon touch me. Unfortunately I had to give up my love of gardening, but I was able to find other hobbies.

    Hope you start feeling better real soon…… 🙂

    • I feel better today than yesterday! This is a GOOD thing!
      Sadly, opiate addicts like myself (I’m clean 7yrs now) have somewhat ruined it for people who arrive at E.R.s doubled over in legit pain. Automatically, the Docs and RNs assume complaints of pain are akin to drug seeking behaviour. LUDICROUS!!
      My opiate addiction is another reason I delayed seeking traditional medical help these past weeks. I knew one of two things would happen: I’d be told “shove off, addict;” OR worse, they’d prescribe opiates I was terrified to take for fear of spiraling back to a life I found VERY hard to give up. Yes, most addicts WANT to get clean in theory…but actually doing it involves a grieving process no one wants to live through twice. So I laid on the couch, ticking away the days, hoping for improvement..
      So, as you see, there was a lot going on besides pulled muscles…eventually the dehydration and heartbeat pounding in my ears took the decision out of my hands.

      I totally understand your reluctance to undergo any type of surgery. I’ve no doubt most surgeons are extremely well trained and believe in what they do; but their tendency to “cut” when situations might be managed medically (with the same result,) is very troubling.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Ingrid, I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the responses my post evoked.

    • You said it, sir!
      In high school I had a friend who was prone to depression. I hadn’t seen her in years but we reconnected via Facebook 3 years ago. Sadly, it seems she’s still fairly depressed and I’ve wondered how many “ok” and “really special” moments she’s missed because of it! Although no one knows exactly what others deal with day-to-day, her overall life has been extremely stable and full of decent/good things: 30yr marriage to a kind man, children, supportive extended family, and a 25yr career for which she was well trained at a prestigious university. So what makes some people better able to cope than others? This is something I wonder about A LOT.

      I do my best NOT to get bogged down in negativity for fear of what you mentioned—I’d hate to miss an unexpected, special moment because my attention was misdirected toward less worthy things.

      I SO appreciate your reply today. I’ll keep it in my mind for times I need reminding what’s important. 🙂

  8. I love it! I am right there with you. Back pain is the absolute worst. According to the renowned Louise Hay, back pain points to unresolved anger. Looks like you got something resolved. So glad you are on the mend.

  9. Never under estimate the curing power of the alternates… I’m afraid some Doctors think they are Gods gift to the world and they and only they can cure… I have had a problem the Drs couldn’t cure, fixed by an old African who understood the power of certain plants.. and with a little feed back from him, I have never suffered the ailment again…

    • I was thinking about this very thing yesterday! Long before medicine was institutionalized in high priced schools and hospitals, indigenous peoples were healing each other and sharing their knowledge tribe to tribe. Not to mention ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.
      I think some M.D.s as a population poo poo alternative therapies because they threaten their incomes. From now on though, I’ll be keeping a much more open mind about such things!

  10. I’m sorry you have been in pain and have suffered.

    It’s great that you had the ability to get beyond the poisoning words and deeds of a past relationship to find your own way and pursue a new course of action to care for yourself. Your body is recovering and healing. Soon it will match your character – fit and flexible.


    • What a lovely response! I really hesitate to write much personal info on my blog…I don’t share much of my internal life easily, but hoped others who might be hanging on to crazy ideas for NO VALID REASON, might take something positive from my post.
      I’m really happy that YOU are blogging again! You were one of the very first people I followed!

  11. I’m sad to hear that your health took such a miserable turn, but I’m thankful that you’re on the mend. It’s a blessing that you listened to someone who’d been through something similar and went to the chiropractor. I was raised under the same opinion of chiropractors as you were subjected too by your ex. The difference is the opinion came from a relative who worked for a doctor. After I became an adult, I broke away from that negative opinion and now know that chiropractors offer invaluable services. I know a few folks that benefited greatly by going to them.
    Your flowers are gorgeous. I wish I could grow such beauties in my yard.
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. I hope your weekend is a pleasant one. 🙂

    • Hi E.C.!
      I’m so looking forward to a fun Easter Weekend: we have brunch reservations at our fave restaurant and my daughter will be home tonight from college. Even our cooler than normal weather is moving out…all systems go for a nice time. 🙂
      Hope all is good on your end, too!

      • Sounds wonderful. You certainly deserve some good times after all the suffering you went through.
        We plan on having a quiet weekend at home. If the rain stops, we may even venture outdoors for a walk or a ride.
        Take care and have a fun and relaxing weekend. 🙂

  12. OMG! I am so sorry for this. I am so relieved you are feeling better. That walk must have felt glorious! Keep up the good improvement. I will be praying for you.
    xoxo- Julie

  13. Oh my what a time you’ve had of late! Sound like just an awful injury but is brilliant to hear you are on the mend! First step coffee then back into the garden!!! Hope you keeping improving from now on!!

  14. Back problems can be some of the hardest to diagnose and fix. In college, I threw out my back while leaning over a table, and it was several months before I felt normal. Injuries at 21 should heal a lot faster than that!

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend. Our brains and bodies are incredibly complex systems, and what works for one person may not work for another. I’m glad you’ve found something that is helping you!

  15. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better! So happy. My back ties up and I can’t even move. I married into a family of Chiropractors… 🙂 Enjoy your Holiday weekend!

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