Wordless Wednesday: April 3, 2013

The first flowers of Spring, 2013 arrived this week like friends returned from a spa vacation.  Amaryllis was so eager to show-off her good health and beauty, I felt obliged to take a picture: 🙂

Amaryllis, 4/2/13

Today she was joined by her pretentious Ranchero neighbor, a reseeded perennial who insists we call her  “Centaurea.”  🙄


To me, she’ll always be Batchy B! 😉

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24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: April 3, 2013

  1. I love the names. Your flowers are gorgeous. Spring is in the air. Can’t wait to see what comes along from your fabulous garden.

    • i LOVE them inside, too. Every year I buy at least one bulb around Christmas just to see it in the house among the decorations. Then when it’s done flowering I plant it in the yard. Most have rebloomed for me, but not always when you’d expect!

    • Hi Charlie,
      The first spring I was here, I was so thrilled to see amaryllis popping up in exciting, unexpected places in other people’s yards.
      Although not native, the variety in the picture is considered “local:” one of the old “Mead” types developed in Florida by breeder Dr. T. Mead. Their color is either red with a white stripe or the reverse; many Floridians refer to them as Easter Lilies because they DO look similar in size and shape, and begin blooming right around the holiday. I received several from various neighbors/friends as pass-alongs in 2009-10 and have been thrilled at how reliably they’ve bloomed and propagated!

  2. Ah, Spring. It is every so slowly arriving in the Mid-Atlantic. The grass has some green tinges now, and the earlier bulbs are going strong. Amaryllis, alas, is not among them! 😉

  3. I have an amaryllis plant growing by the window sill in our living room! For a long long time it looked rather dead, then all of a sudden it started blooming! There’s 3 bright red flowers now just like yours! Thanks for sharing, I wouldn’t have known what plant is was until I read your post, it was a gift to my hubby from his work colleagues from several years ago!

  4. Beautiful! I like amaryllis very much. I have 2 on red and orange but they don’t produce flowers anymore. I don’t know why…they used to flower every year.

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