Wordless Wednesday: April 10, 2013

Remember the formerly-purple-now-white Phalaenopsis last seen in January?

Well……..things change. 🙂

Here’s “Lila Mystique” a few hours ago, sitting pretty in the crook of my (very) lichen covered citrus tree.

Phalaenopsis Lila Mystique, 04/10/13

Lila is one of the overpriced “dye job phals” you’ve seen in many nurseries, a member of the Mystique collection introduced in 2011 by Silver Vase Co.

For further info, check out the first post I wrote about this plant.

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: April 10, 2013

  1. I do remember, and I still think moonlight white is perfection as it is! And the orange blossom … ah, the smell, the simple beauty – another thing to look forward to, growing a lemon tree!

  2. Beautiful image of a beautiful flowers. I don’t have much luck with orchids which is unfair, because my daughter, who is no gardener, brings all her friend’s orchids back to life.

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