Snakes and Flowers!

Just quickie odds-and-ends today with no particular theme. ūüôā

Over the weekend, we saw THIS guy hiding in a narrow space between the driveway and garage door:

Pantherophis guttatus

After running around in circles¬†and screaming like crazy-women, Maggie and¬†I¬†talked to local people¬†and did a bit of Google research. I¬†feel confident we’re sharing the¬†garage with Pantherophis guttatus aka Eastern Corn Snake.¬† I raked it to the sideyard twice, (to¬†where¬†I previously herded¬†the moles! ha! food source!) ¬†but it keeps returning to this exact spot!¬† Wierd, right?

The gardens are popping with color on a daily basis:

Rear Cutting Garden, 4/24/13

The first “Red Sun” Sunflower opened this morning from seeds planted in January. Now¬†look¬†at the¬†orange/red amaryllis behind it.¬†¬†Today I noticed a second flowerscape¬† poking through the soil. ūüôā¬†I like this development; last year it only produced one.

The next photo shows an unfurled white peace lily spadix (the first of the season!) behind a fully opened phalaenopsis last seen in March. Both seem happy with the bright filtered light at the base of the bauhinia tree.

Peace Lily Spadix and Phalaenopsis, 4/23/13

Each winter I make “mystery containers” by sprinkling¬†unknown, left over seeds into random pots.¬†¬†I’m not sure what else is growing here, but I recognize some portulaca:


A few of my recently planted lily bulbs have opened, like this red dwarf variety.

Carpet lily, 4/17/13

and this year old Ruby Spider Hemerocallis:

Ruby Spider Daylily, 4/18/13

I was very lucky to catch this next little gem, just before sundown on Monday, 4/22/13. Not only are Dietes Bicolor flowers short-lived,¬†they’re rarely¬†fully¬†open AND¬†for¬†a very brief span of time:

Dietes Bicolor, Fortnight Lily, 4/22/13

I hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful season as much as I am!

Until next time….

ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā