Snakes and Flowers!

Just quickie odds-and-ends today with no particular theme. 🙂

Over the weekend, we saw THIS guy hiding in a narrow space between the driveway and garage door:

Pantherophis guttatus

After running around in circles and screaming like crazy-women, Maggie and I talked to local people and did a bit of Google research. I feel confident we’re sharing the garage with Pantherophis guttatus aka Eastern Corn Snake.  I raked it to the sideyard twice, (to where I previously herded the moles! ha! food source!)  but it keeps returning to this exact spot!  Wierd, right?

The gardens are popping with color on a daily basis:

Rear Cutting Garden, 4/24/13

The first “Red Sun” Sunflower opened this morning from seeds planted in January. Now look at the orange/red amaryllis behind it.  Today I noticed a second flowerscape  poking through the soil. 🙂 I like this development; last year it only produced one.

The next photo shows an unfurled white peace lily spadix (the first of the season!) behind a fully opened phalaenopsis last seen in March. Both seem happy with the bright filtered light at the base of the bauhinia tree.

Peace Lily Spadix and Phalaenopsis, 4/23/13

Each winter I make “mystery containers” by sprinkling unknown, left over seeds into random pots.  I’m not sure what else is growing here, but I recognize some portulaca:


A few of my recently planted lily bulbs have opened, like this red dwarf variety.

Carpet lily, 4/17/13

and this year old Ruby Spider Hemerocallis:

Ruby Spider Daylily, 4/18/13

I was very lucky to catch this next little gem, just before sundown on Monday, 4/22/13. Not only are Dietes Bicolor flowers short-lived, they’re rarely fully open AND for a very brief span of time:

Dietes Bicolor, Fortnight Lily, 4/22/13

I hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful season as much as I am!

Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

21 thoughts on “Snakes and Flowers!

    • Hi Gill!
      Your season should kick in quite soon?
      My “resident” snake IS quite colorful! That’s what shocked us, really! We’ve gotten quite used to seeing (and ignoring) the typical black snakes, but this guy!! Well, you can’t miss him, or his bright orange forked tongue during the raking procedure! 😉

    • I like the ginger look of that variety too! I got that particular seed packet for free last year when I subscribed to local newspaper delivery. Weird promotion, but it worked for me! 🙂

  1. Ah, the sight of all these lovely flowers made me smile. The snake not so much. We have a bull snake around here that I’ve named Buddy. Bull snakes trump rattlesnakes and take care of the field mice so we leave him alone….still not a fan of snakes but they serve a purpose. Enjoy that beautiful yard and thanks for sharing your flowers 🙂

    • Glad I could remind you of your former home! 🙂 I suppose I should name this snake, too….something non-gender specific! I have no clue how to differentiate male from female!

  2. You have a beautiful snake and gorgeous garden flowers! I really like your idea for the mystery containers, also. So fun, I think I shall try this out for next spring. 😀

  3. Ah, you’re lucky to have this guy take up residence in your home, BELIEVE ME!! Especially here in Florida. 🙂 I’d love one here! I just love these guys… I took a pic of this species on a hike last year – aren’t they just LOVELY? And harmless.

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