Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Lately, I’ve shot many photos from above…..which just happens to be the topic for this week’s photo challenge.   Don’t you just love serendipity!? 🙂

First up, a macro image of Iris Hexagona, one of Florida’s prettiest native wildflowers. 20130504_095843 When the rain stopped last Thursday, one of my newly planted Wal-Mart lily bulbs was opened wide.  This Asiatic variety is known as “Tango Orange Art“.20130502_085143

The colorful Gaillardia Torch Red Ember (G. Pulchella) reseeds all over the place…Here you can see it from above, growing through broken cement!


Sometimes what you notice from above can surprise you!


The nodding Hippeastrum Vera Amaryllis suggests we aren’t alone keeping track of things from above.


Probably keeping an eye (throat?) out for interloping Gaillardia seeds….or frogs!  😉

For other bloggers’ views from above,  check out the Zemanta provided links below:

Until next time……

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

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  2. The frog must have been a fun surprise. 🙂 I love irises, and the one in your first photo looks lovely. Some are blooming around here, too.

  3. I like taking pictures of my flowers from above. It gives a different perspective. And, I liked the surprise of the frog.

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