Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

This week’s challenge asks that we share a photograph of a sign. Unless you’ve visited shallow inlets around the Treasure/Space Coast or Florida Gulf, you probably haven’t seen this one!


The manatees found in Florida are a geographical sub-unit of the West Indian manatee, Trichechus Manatus.  Their ideal habitat is 3-7′ deep, warm water (above 70degrees) where the sun can penetrate and maintain underwater plant life.  Manatees are the only aquatic mammals that are herbivores; they feed indiscriminately on submerged or floating vegetation, with seagrasses being a major staple in their diet.

The pictures that follow were taken in June, 2011 at Round Island Riverside Park, and are an accurate representation of the manatees’ natural habitat.  If you look behind the girls and toward the left, you’ll see the back of the sign from pic 1.


This next angle gives a better perspective of the type of shallow, calm waters these creatures call home.


Per a 2009 survey, there are at least 3800 Florida manatees, a good sign their population has stabilized since they were last counted in 2001.  To learn more, check out the species profile page at the Smithsonian Marine Station Website.

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24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

    • Yes, evidently….there’s been some mysterious infection getting some of our Indian River Lagoon manatees these past few months of 2013. Scientists assume it has something to do with the red tide spike of the past year or so. If I get more definitive news I’ll do a full manatee post sometime!

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  4. pity we have to have signs to protect our animals and mammals… but it seems to be working if populations are stable… now if we could only have that kind of success for our poor rhinos…

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  7. The sign reminds me of a favorite book from my childhood. It contains the often repeated line …. Never tease a weasel not even once or twice a weasel will not like it, and teasing isn’t nice . 🙂

  8. Well, in a world where restaurants have to post the fact that a hot cup of coffee is, indeed, hot to protect themselves from lawsuits, I guess signs to protect wildlife (and humans from themselves) are necessary!

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  13. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting manatees in FLA when my sister lived there. Such gentle creatures. I found you via JMMcD and enjoyed this post.

    • Thank you so much Jagoda! JM is one of my FAVORITE bloggers!
      Yes the manatee is wonderful and gentle. One time when my daughter and I were snorkeling in the Sebastian Inlet, we were RIGHT next to one. We joked afterwards that it was hanging out with us, because that’s EXACTLY what it seemed like!

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