Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting (2nd Submission)

As I was finishing my initial post for this week’s challenge, I realized I had a second submission in a group of photos I took at Patisserie, one of our little, local coffeeshops.  To set the stage and provide context, I had just taken a tiny walk with enormo implications.  It was a beautiful, blue sky day, so I chose an outdoor table…..


…..and enjoyed being alive (with a great Ethiopian brew!) in pretty surroundings: 🙂


Quand les vieilles dames ont quitté leur table (polite translation for “when the old broads left their table?” ha! French café and all that :)) I moved to their spot by the window…Hmmm….look at all those people…are they inside or out?  Fleeting images are so confusing! 🙄


It was then I noticed une autre vieille dame starring at me!  What is with this window and old folk!?


Oh no way!!!  A fleeting glimpse of myself!??!! 🙂

Until next time!

🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting (2nd Submission)

    • Hello Julie!
      🙂 so nice to see a comment from a “neighbor”.
      BTW, is it hot enough for you, yet? The cacti are loving it, though…One of my small aloes (A. Squarossa) even shot out a flowerspike!

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