Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

For this week’s photo challenge, WP demands, “Show us your curves!  😮  In an effort to keep the challenge “clean” and give you a rare glimpse inside smallhouse, I present to you the perfect curvy subject:


The plant above is a Madagascar Dragon Tree, aka Dracena Marginata.  Although mine is solid green, varieties with pink/white/red stripes are also available.  As you can see, 4 slim stems curve upward from a central trunk, winding this-way-and-that as the plant matures.  This amazing indoor specimen thrives in low light environments!  4yrs ago, I placed it dead center in my open floor plan house, and it still looks as heathy as the first day. 🙂

Now let’s adjourn to the garden, for a different set of curves:


A week ago, this croton aka Codiaeum Varieagatum was a mere tip cutting, a rootless “stick” with the tiniest hint of budding at the very top.  Through the miracles of copious rain and good potting soil, fresh leaves are now curving and curling nicely!

Crotons are bio-genetically unstable with an ability to “sport.”  In layman’s terms, this means they often mutate and produce offspring that look nothing like themselves.  Judging from what I’ve seen so far, my new little croton will be much like the Ram’s Horn variety from which it came:


Now that’s what I call lots and lots of curves!!!

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Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

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  2. Crotons are super cool due to their mutative qualities and ability to live in hot sunlight. I think this photo challenge was a fun one.~~Dee

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    • I really love that curly variety! the tall one is 4yrs old and has several offshoots off the back that aren’t visible in that picture. I’ve made cuttings for so many people and they seem to “take” easily and continue growing quickly!

  5. Wow, I knew nothing about that croton! What an amazing plant. As for the dragon tree, that would do well in my house because I don’t have much light, but I would have no room to put it. I would love it, though.

    • I had given my daughter a small Dracena (Dragon Tree) cutting 6mos ago. I was just at her apt. this weekend and noticed it’s doubled in size despite being NOWHERE near a window or any real light source! I’m not sure how they manage it, but they grow almost too fast!

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  10. Long ago we had some crotons and draceanas, but they went to new homes when we moved to Maryland. Somehow, we’ve never gotten into houseplants out here. I’m not sure why, unless it’s because I don’t feel like watering things as much as I used to. 😉

    • yes, that’s it I’m certain. I find growing houseplants far more difficult than plopping things inground. Growing things indoors is much like taking care of babies or toddlers; they depend on you for EVERYTHING!

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