Wordless Wednesday: July 31, 2013

Nothing heralds the end of July like Siam Tulips, strikingly beautiful gingers that resemble their northern namesakes.  There are several different varieties, with flowers ranging from pure white to deep purple. Mine are a pink tinged hybrid botanically known as Curcuma Alismatifolia, Maejo Mont Blanc.   Here are several pictures taken in the past 10 days.

First flower spikes, 7/19/13


Fully open bracts, 7/31/13



C. Alismatifolia in late day sun, 7/23/13


For further information, check out my full Siam Tulip post from 8/5/12.

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: July 31, 2013

    • I’ve only gotten familiar with the ginger family of plants since living down here. I have a new red flowering type that I suspect will flower soon. It has very similar leaves to the Siam variety but a quite different flower head.
      Stay tuned…..

    • Not something you often see in my old stomping grounds, either!
      When I was at Maggie’s college apt. (Daytona Beach) in June, I dug up some red ginger growing outside a stairwell for re-planting along my back fence. I just noticed yesterday it’s spreading!! .can flowers be far behind!? 😉 stay tuned!

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