Mallory Square, Key West: Sunset Celebration

Mallory Square, located on the waterfront in Key West‘s historic Old Town, is the site of a nightly arts festival.  Two hours before sunset, masses of people flock to the water’s edge to watch the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico….a true multicultural event for tourists and locals alike, and on Monday night we were there!  🙂



Sunset Celebration includes food carts, street performers and arts and crafts exhibitors.



We strolled the length of the pier, looking for an open spot along the railing and near the Aquarium we finally found one.


Picture time!

Imagine our surprise when we looked over the railing and saw this! 😯

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Only something really spectacular tops an unexpected manatee sighting but as the sky darkened, we understood why so many people had gathered:



So beautiful! 🙂

We had such fun in Key West! The flora was absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 As I organize the photos, I’ll surely post more of what we saw and did!

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂


19 thoughts on “Mallory Square, Key West: Sunset Celebration

  1. Manatees are such gentle creatures–what luck you saw one. I’m almost jealous–you’re in such a beautiful place–but I confess the Pacific NW is quite lovely this time of year too. Do you sometimes pinch yourself, as I do, when you see such beauty? Aren’t we fortunate?

    • They really are! We went snorkeling in Sebastian Inlet (next beach town north of here) and were literally swimming right next to them and able to touch and pat them. They seem to actually like it! Very peaceful creatures!
      Your area of the country looks beautiful. some day I hope to travel out your way and up into the NW Territories. Such grandeur!

    • Miami is a wicked great city to visit here…so much great dining and nightlife as well as natural beauty. It’s actually midway between Key West and our house in Vero Beach. (2 hrs drive) so it’s an easy day trip.
      Thank you so much for coming by with a comment. 🙂

  2. My husband and I watched a few sunsets there! Aren’t they spectacular? About the only thing we didn’t like about Key West was the tiny plane flying us there and back to the mainland. I think it held 11 passengers…. 🙂

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