Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

If you’ve been following this blog awhile, you know I’m a huge lover (and collector!) of Depression Glass.  These intricately designed, pastel dishes were among the first kitchen items to be mass-produced in factories….and it showed!  Interior bubbles, straw marks, and irregular pressing forced the companies to adopt new promotional schemes.

To create demand, Depression Glass was given away (for free!) in soap and cereal boxes.  Going to the movies? Here’s a plate to go along with your ticket!  Need an oil change? Take a free place setting home to your wife:  even the new auto industry got caught up in these incentive programs.  One can only imagine how the frugal 1940s homemakers reacted!  It was so uncharacteristically carefree.

Knowing all this, I’ve had a “must use and enjoy” attitude toward my collection since the very first day.  🙂


What good is beautiful glassware if you only look at it, yeah?

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

  1. I learned about depression glass from my antique collecting Dad many years ago.

    I thought I’d probably never be able to actually buy any and then while on my way to catch my commuter train to work one day (gosh, this is already about 20 years ago!), I saw that someone had put out a box of depression era plates for the weekly trash pickup. Should I catch the train or rescue those plates… hmmmm….. I missed the train and still have the plates. There’s just six of them, they’re small, good for a salad, we still use them.

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  4. I have never seen depression glass in this colour before. We only have it in green, here. But this colour is so dainty and pretty. Great interpretation of the carefree theme.

  5. I have some pink pieces of Open Lace and I also have some pink milk glass that I like to use : ) That looks like a cute tea set that you are using!

  6. Beautiful glass ware indeed. I think have free stuff is an exciting incentive. It also brings a smile to our days especially with today’s gloomy economy. Have a great weekend.

    • LOL I knew that’s what you meant, but I’m just like you! Don’t you think WP should give us a little “edit my comment” button? Typing the wrong word in a comment makes me cringe!

  7. So with you on the “must use” with anything around the house – I have cutlery and china from my parents and grandparents (and in fact older!) that I try and use, I know they are precious but we only have one life and I don’t want to spend my time looking at it 🙂 A great post for the challenge

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