Wordless Wednesday: August 28, 2013

Relative humidity, temperature, light and leaf wetness all influence the severity and spread of powdery mildew in the garden.  After three days of intense downpours and sauna-like evening temperatures, some of my canna foliage looks like this:


Although a real pain-in-the-you-know-where, there’s something very pretty and delicate about these fungal designs ➡ reminds me of a Mehndi tattoo!

There is no cure for powdery mildew: it overwinters in the soil and will reappear every year unless control measures are put in place. Preventative fungicide sprays like Neem Oil help protect healthy plant tissue from infection. For a more natural approach, some gardeners swear by mixing 1 part milk with 10 parts water and spraying susceptible plants at the first sign of infection and again weekly to keep it from spreading.  Because I grow so many, I hard prune any cannas with rangy-looking leaves (for any reason) and put them out for yard waste collection. I want those spores as far away from me as humanly possible! 🙂

Well, as usual this wasn’t exactly Wordless…..but it is Wednesday!  I hope you’re having a good one!

Until next time…..


13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: August 28, 2013

  1. I had no idea that fungus could be so pretty, but it is still fungus nonetheless. I can’t wait to have a home with a garden. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Good luck! I used to grown cannas, but the grasshoppers loved to munch on their foliage and so they always looked raggedy. I gave up.

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