Am I Going Bananas?

You’ve heard of Lucky Bamboo?  Well this is my Lucky Banana.  From the day we moved here, it was nothing but a leafless stem in the deep-shade corner of the back yard.  Well, not any more!


This past February I realized it was still struggling, so moved it to a sunny spot along the vine wall.  It seems quite happy now and perhaps in time will even bear fruit. 🙂   I’d love to know the exact variety/botanical name. Any ideas?

I might have another set of bananas on my hands, but I’m not sure!  Take a look and then I’ll share the backstory:


The two plants in this container were  found along the back fence when Jack was digging a new garden bed for me on Mother’s Day.  They were both small, with one set of leaves and a rhizomatous, pad-like root structure.  I thought they might be cannas, but without a distinct bulb among the roots, it seemed unlikely.  I only know for sure that I didn’t plant them; they appeared for the first time ever this spring, but the leaves were pretty (and the roots healthy) so into a container they went.


In the picture above, the container is placed next to an ensete glauca (aka snow banana) that’s been growing in my Ranchero garden for the same length of time.  I see some similarities among their pseudostems and leaves: could the mystery plants also be bananas, albeit a much smaller variety?

In the next photo, they look less like the in-ground ensete and more like I-don’t-know-what!  😉

20130904_115654 I keep hoping they’ll suddenly grow a flower spike and reveal themselves as gingers!

Or maybe, I’m just going bananas?  🙄 🙂 🙄

If anyone recognizes these plants, do share!

Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂


12 thoughts on “Am I Going Bananas?

  1. those are DEFINITELY banana plants 🙂 OMG i would be thrilled for you to have bananas throwing off those trees 🙂 Maybe fore Xmas vacation with Jack and TC we could make banana pancakes (no flour, just banana, an egg, and blueberries :D) Let’s hope for the best! The tree looks strong

    • When I was researching bananas I was amazed at all the different varieties and locations from which they come! I always thought of them as a one type thing from Chiquita! hahahahaha how simplistic, right!?

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