Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For this week’s challenge let’s take a peek inside the Ranchero!

First up is Selenicereus Pteranthus, a climbing cactus I posted about last September. When we were in Key West last month, I snagged a few new cuttings. I think one might be rooting already: 🙂 yesterday I noticed new stem growth which is a wicked good sign!

selenicereus pteranthus, 9/15/13

Look closer and you’ll see a ridge connecting the cactus’s old and new parts. FYI, this is the plant’s vascular bundle, hard at work inside the raised area.

The Cosmos from my rear cutting garden have re-seeded inside the Ranchero. Unfortunately, these ain’t your nice, run-of-the-mill cosmos, but super-sized monsters whose mission is to obscure everything in sight! 😉  If you squint, you might catch sight of a madagascar palm inside all that foliage!

Super Cosmos 9/16/13

Squint a little harder and you’ll see a tiny lizard inside cosmos jungle! 🙂

Madagascar Palm 9/16/13

Actually, the Ranchero is always teeming with lizards!  Here’s one inside a tangle of prickly pear.

Prickly Pear with Lizard 9/16/13Last winter I planted a Frangipani cutting and it’s more than doubled in size these past 6 months!  No blooms yet, but look at the healthy offshoot and leaves!

Frangipani, 9/15/13As you can tell, I like a jam-packed growing space.  If I see an open spot, I fill it with a container.  This one has germinating coleus seeds inside….

Coleus seeds, 9/17/13

….and THIS one surprised the you-know-what out of me!  I think some foxglove seeds I planted three years ago have finally made an appearance!

Foxgloves ?, 9/17/13

Way back when the seeds didn’t sprout, I pushed a bunch of little calladium bulbs into their container.  With the bulbs in dormancy, could the old seeds have worked their way to the top?  Is that even possible?

You never know what you’ll find when you look inside!

Until next time!

🙂 🙂 🙂


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. That KW cactus looks like it’s happy and growing… funny how some of the cosmos can overshadow other plants and yet it can also remain short and flower profusely being an absolute joy to see… recently on a trip to the E side of the country we will see huge in fact Gigantic cosmos, yet travel towards the W and one finds a shorter more fine sample that flowers profusely… Now I’m not sure sure, but are there different varieties,…??

    • Hello Bulldog!
      From what I understand of it, over the past decade various cosmos strains have been introduced to grow sometimes taller (or shorter) plants. If variants of these hybridizing processes get mixed up in the same seed packet, the result is a more diverse garden than you’d otherwise expect. Ironically, the original wild Cosmos flowers were MUCH taller than the ones seen in our lifetime, and as each generation reseeds, the plants look less like the hybrid and more like the original.

      • We have large tracts of land covered in cosmos, apparently introduced to our country during the Anglo-Boer war, brought in with their cavaleries horse feed… it is a gorgeous sight when in flower .. but the farmers aren’t too happy with it as just a few seeds in the maize and their deliveries can be turned around and sent back to the farm for cleaning… but it is a marvelous sight in full bloom…

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