Welcome to my K-cup Obsession!

Remember how excited I was when my Keurig machine arrived? 🙂 That moment pales in comparison to the GREAT DEAL I got on 82 K-cups from Keurig.com and how thrilled I was when they came today!

So many K-cups and not enough time!

Coffee is more hobby than beverage to me.  I love experimenting with different beans and researching how it is brewed and served in other countries.   When I have time, there’s nothing quite like grinding a quality coffee bean and plunging it through a French Press.

Lately though, I’m all about uncovering the best deals on the most unusual K-cup varieties.

K-cups, 9/25/13

I’ve never seen Mexican or Honduran K-cups around here, but then again Vero Beach isn’t Boston or NYC.  😉  Perhaps where you live, they’re as common as Folgers!

FYI, I just tried the Bali Samsara and break out the band band . This is one superior cup of coffee: bold and smooth with chocolatey undertones, yet no bitterness! Definitely will look for this one again!

My rule of thumb when buying K-cups (in retail outlets or online) is never spend more than .50 per unit and NEVER subscribe to coffee loyalty clubs or automatic reorder programs.  Instead, I keep an eye peeled for groupons/coupons/deals and almost always finagle free shipping. Since losing my house up north and starting over down here, I’ve become a very savvy consumer.  (Someday I’ll tell you how I turned Diet Coke rewards points into Omaha Steaks!)

And now I’m off to “make a Keurig” (as my kids and I say 😉 ), and check on the seeds I planted a few days ago!   It’s been raining prodigiously: I hope they haven’t flooded out of their containers!

Until next time……

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