Welcome to my K-cup Obsession!

Remember how excited I was when my Keurig machine arrived? 🙂 That moment pales in comparison to the GREAT DEAL I got on 82 K-cups from Keurig.com and how thrilled I was when they came today!

So many K-cups and not enough time!

Coffee is more hobby than beverage to me.  I love experimenting with different beans and researching how it is brewed and served in other countries.   When I have time, there’s nothing quite like grinding a quality coffee bean and plunging it through a French Press.

Lately though, I’m all about uncovering the best deals on the most unusual K-cup varieties.

K-cups, 9/25/13

I’ve never seen Mexican or Honduran K-cups around here, but then again Vero Beach isn’t Boston or NYC.  😉  Perhaps where you live, they’re as common as Folgers!

FYI, I just tried the Bali Samsara and break out the band band . This is one superior cup of coffee: bold and smooth with chocolatey undertones, yet no bitterness! Definitely will look for this one again!

My rule of thumb when buying K-cups (in retail outlets or online) is never spend more than .50 per unit and NEVER subscribe to coffee loyalty clubs or automatic reorder programs.  Instead, I keep an eye peeled for groupons/coupons/deals and almost always finagle free shipping. Since losing my house up north and starting over down here, I’ve become a very savvy consumer.  (Someday I’ll tell you how I turned Diet Coke rewards points into Omaha Steaks!)

And now I’m off to “make a Keurig” (as my kids and I say 😉 ), and check on the seeds I planted a few days ago!   It’s been raining prodigiously: I hope they haven’t flooded out of their containers!

Until next time……

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to my K-cup Obsession!

  1. Shame on you for making this post! My cappuccino machine wore out so I have went back to straight black coffee. Dad’s coffee is so weak! He does’t understand why I insist on using my own coffee pot and make my own coffee. I have my eye on a new Gaggia.

  2. We really enjoy our Keurig. 🙂 Although, even here in the DC suburbs, I haven’t seen some of those more exotic varieties. Maybe I’d have to go to a specialty market for them. We’ll often use our “Kohl’s cash” from other purchases and combine that with a 30 percent off coupon and the sale price to stock up on some standbys. Some of the best flavors only seem to be available on line, though!

  3. Keurig’s are becoming more and more popular but I have yet to succumb. Still, the many tantalizing-sounding flavors call to me. I’ll have to tell my friend with a Keurig about your recommendation for Bali Samsara. That way, I may get to taste those chocolate undertones–yum.

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