Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

This week’s photo challenge calls for saturation of color. Not a problem! When tropical gardens reach peak bloom, deeply saturated jewel tones are everywhere!

First up, a Ruby Spider Daylily and Aloe Ciliaris from May, 2013..

Ruby spider daylily and Aloe ciliaris, 5/12/2013

Followed by reseeded sunflowers from 2011-12 amidst a newly sown packet of Burpee’s Autumn Beauty seeds. This is some seriously saturated orange!

Sunflowers, 5/12/13

Check out the electric pinks and greens in this caladium container!  (June, 2013)

Mixed Caladium Container, 6/19/13

Not even rain can diminish the bold purple/orange marbling in this unusual gladiolus from July, 2012.  (Saturated color saturation? ha! 🙂 )

orange glad july 23, 2012 ranchero

Sadly, this beautiful flower didn’t grow back in 2013, but it sure looked pretty next to the Dragon Tree aka  Dracena Marginata Tricolor,

That’s it for today, but stay tuned:  I’ve got some great bromeliad pics to share in Saturated Part 2.

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂