Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity

This week’s challenge requires an image evoking something infinite.  Each of the photos I’ve chosen symbolizes the concept in a unique way.

1. Infinity as ubiquity:  this morning I awoke to heavy fog, stretching as far as they eye could see:

Morning Fog, Vero Beach, 10/15/13

2. Infinity as limitlessness:  No matter how many clouds or flowers you see, you’ll never see any….

Papilio Glaucus on Super Cosmos, 10/13/13

….like the ones you saw before!

Super Cosmos in Ranchero, 10/13/13

3. Infinity as imponderable vastness: there is NO WAY to wrap one’s head around the size and scope of the ocean!  It’s magical!

Seaquay Pier, Vero Beach, 1/4/13

I hope you enjoyed my take on this week’s challenge!  To see the infinite ways other bloggers approached infinity, check out the Zemanta related articles below! 😉

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  2. After all the gray we’ve had since last week, I love those sunny shots of the beach and the cosmos. As I read, I thought there’s also the infinite nature of the other meaning of cosmos. 🙂

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