Odds and Ends and Bulletins

In the real world, I’m famous for “newsflash” outbursts, usually unrelated to the topic at hand.  Example: My kids and I are discussing an earthquake, say…in a conversational lull, I blurt out, “Michael Crichton’s new book came out today..ok…back to earthquakes!’  Over time, they dubbed my peculiar trait, “Ma’s Bulletins,” and I’m chuckling about this post revealing my real world behaviour to those of you in cyberspace! 😉   Pay close attention, friends, as I jump from odds and ends to bulletins……starting……now!

–Remember the unidentified pink wildflower that began blooming in September?  This is what it looks like now…..

….and thanks to the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden Forums, I have a name for it: Ammania Coccinea aka Valley Redstem.

I’m not a big fan of posting questions on gardening forums: I distrust advice and identifications I haven’t found on my own!  However, I’m consistently impressed with the calibre of knowledge at UBC, and wholeheartedly recommend ALL their online resources. You can browse and research without registering, but posting requires a (very) quick sign-in procedure.  The next time you’re really stumped, give it a shot!  They also run a Botany photo of the day list-serv (remember those?!?)  that sends the most unusual plants you can imagine to your inbox several times a month. Love it!!

Backtracking to the pics of A. Coccinea for a second, you’ll notice the lowest flowers morphing into seed pods.  Inside are zillions of teeny bright yellow seeds that I hope germinate as well as these have:

Coleus and assorted seedlings, 10/16/13

Can you believe these are the first coleus seeds I ever planted?  Wierd, right? One of the simplest, most common plants!  The tallest seedling in the back left pot is a cactus zinnia, and the skinny leafed one next to it, a carnation.  At least those are the three Burpee seed packets I sprinkled around.  Everything else in these pots is anybody’s guess!

My mother recently celebrated her birthday and apparently a change of race! You have NO idea how hard we laughed!  The cake on the right was from 2012, and you can see more of that birthday here.

One of my favorite Ranchero succulents is Kalanchoe Gastoniensis Bonnieri. October is a bit early for them to spike, yet here they go:

Mexican Donkey Ears, 10/16/13

The spikes are quite similar to another kalanchoe I shared in early October, K. Luciae, whose skyward stretch looked like this, yesterday:

Kalanchoe Luciae, 10/15/13

Last but not least,  Hemerocallis Hyperion, the yellow reblooming daylily, is back in business!

Hemorcallis Hyperion, 10/11/13

….And with that, the cyber debut of “Ma’s Bulletins” comes to a close!

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Odds and Ends and Bulletins

  1. Love the bulletin! I remember sowing coleus seeds as a child – we had a very sunny porch / front doorway and they loved it in there. Yup green fingers from an early age 🙂

  2. Fun post! My husband recently was moved to an office with windows, so he’s looking at plants to brighten it up. So far he’s gotten a few small cacti and cacti-like succulents, but maybe something like those kalanchoe would work, too?

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