I told you it was invasive!

Last week I wrote a post about the Balsam Apple Vine, ending with a caution about its invasive nature.. Perhaps I should have included a few pictures for emphasis! Holy Canoli! Look at the assault taking place on the other side of my fence!   (Note: as always, click the photos to enlarge them)Queen Palm and Balsam Apple Vine, Vero Beach, 10/24/13

The lot next-door is vacant and much of what’s growing there has volunteered from my various gardens. In the picture below, we see Balsam Apple fighting Mile-a-Minute Vine for “twining” rights!  To the victor goes the spoils, in this case Kalanchoe Pinnata!  (Random fact should you ever be a Jeopardy contestant: K.Pinnata flowers after growing 2 years or putting on 37 pairs of leaves…whichever comes first. This one’s right ready to spike!)


Zooming out, we see Balsam Apple extending down the entire fence line: sun or shade, this vine grows indiscriminately!

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8 thoughts on “I told you it was invasive!

  1. Been there, done that. After controlling Algerian Ivy in my garden, I looked over the fence into my neighbors heavily wooded yard and nearly had a heart attack. Now I attack the Ivy in his yard as well as mine. He has lots of native ginger that I would HATE to be cause of their demise.

  2. Holy cannoli is right. I tend to avoid invasives. I’ve spent too many hours trying to control and eradicate them. Still have some that while reduced are a constant battle to keep down. Not my favorite gardening pastime.

    • The county owns that lot (via eminent domain in 2008) so they’re the ones maintaining it. Basically they do the miminum: grass cutting and VERY occasional pruning. I’ve been after them to remove the brazilian pepper trees wrecking my fence, but it’s been 2 years and I haven’t been successful yet! I have a feeling these vines are of similar low priority on their overall list!

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