Share Your World–2013, Week 38

I really liked Cee’s Share Your World questions this week, so thought I’d have a go!

1. What were you most likely doing on this day when you were 12 years old?

Since I’m writing this on a Saturday, I can unequivocally say I was at Adrienne Parker’s School of Dance, taking tap and ballet lessons: (loved the former, wasn’t nuts about the latter.) Miss Adrienne’s studio was in Everett Square, on the second floor of an old brick building that housed Brigham’s Ice Cream directly below.  If you’ve been to Boston in the past century, you know we love our Brigham’s! Sadly, the last shoppe closed this past May, but when I was 12, the chain was in its heyday! The highlight of Saturday dance was spending break eating ice cream sundaes in “our” booth.  Here’s a picture from Google to orient you:   everett1

Imagine a Brigham’s sign where the red Sovereign Bank sign hangs….now look at the three windows directly above it.  If you squint back in time, I’m up there dancing!

2. If you could write about, paint a picture or photograph any scenery you’ve seen before, what scene would you use?

The scene from my backporch when I was growing up on Everett’s “Hospital Hill” is one of the most stunning, amazing sights in the world. No exaggeration! Through sheer luck, I found a photograph on Flickr that shows EXACTLY what I saw every day for 17 years!
boston at dusk 14Dec07

Pretty remarkable, isn’t it?   Here’s a daytime shot taken from the top of the Whidden Hospital parking garage looking toward the Distrigas Terminal. I used to LOVE watching the tankers ease into port, just off frame to the left:


Everett is hilly and Boston–on the southern border–is visible from just about everywhere:!:
Everett, Aug 4, 2008 (83)

Moving on….

3. What is one of your favorite quotes?

Two years ago when I was thinking of starting a blog, I ran across a tweet that summed up my motivations. Sadly the author’s name didn’t stick with me, but the quote was a keeper: Communication is about finding your voice and creating networks to carry it.  And that, my friends, is why I blog!

And the final question:

4. What is your favorite dog?

Although I’ve never owned a dachshund, I’ve always thought they’d be fun to have around!  Such cute noses and teeny legs! Awwww!   I think beagles are adorable, too!

Well Cee, this was a really good challenge week!  I hope my post inspires others to participate :arrow:To Share Your World click this link!

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂


29 thoughts on “Share Your World–2013, Week 38

  1. Wow, that scene from your back porch is amazing. I notice, however, that you moved to much warmer climes!?

    • Yes! 4 years ago next month marks my departure from Massachusetts, predicated by a total life implosion. I lost our house to foreclosure and was faced with starting over. My boys were already out of the house and living in their own apts so it was just my daughter and me. I floated the idea of moving south and she jumped at it. Anyway, we asked my mother if she thought we could find a house near her in Vero Beach and a week later we were selling everything that wouldn’t fit in the car! Crazy! We came here with absolutely nothing but clothes, cookware and memories and it all worked out SO well!
      Had you asked me 5 years ago if I’d be here today I would have laughed! Now I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner!

      • That is quite the story and life adventure. Thank you for sharing it and I’m glad it’s all working out so well.

    • Everett has always been a very blue collar working class city, the place immigrants live when coming to Boston. In my era it was the Irish and Italians, but predominantly Italian because it borders Boston’s North End, an Italian enclave since 1900. Most recently, Brazilians have settled in Everett, which has lead to some unique Brazilian/Italian restaurants and businesses, and some VERY gorgeous babies/children as the ethnicities began marrying and starting families! Through all the changes, the view from that porch remains the same, though. Watching the lights wink on at dusk is something else!

  2. Good Morning! I thoroughly enjoyed your Share Your World post! So you danced. I love the vision and the idea of you enjoying ice cream sundaes in “your” booth.. 🙂 I do Cee’s Share Your World in the comment section of a blogger I follow. Enjoy your Sunday!

    • Hey, thanks!
      My mother was a professional ballerina and danced in theatre productions in NYC and Boston before I came along. Her talent skipped a generation..I was just ok, but my daughter was absolutely magnificent..she started ballet at age 9 and danced through high school, basically living at the studio after school each day. (Now that she’s in college, she still takes a ballet class each week) It’s been wonderful for my mother to see a grandchild enjoy and excel at something she loved but walked away from when she married. Times were so different for women back then!

  3. What a view to have when growing up! And your ice cream story reminded me of how in high school my friends and I would often end up at a local place known for its sundaes. My favorite had both hot fudge and mint toppings with nuts. Yum!

    • It really is quite a sight, isn’t it? Although not visible in the photos, our porch was a great spot for watching planes coming in and out of Logan, too. With the proximity to Boston (15 minute ride on public transport) I’m amazed Everett hasn’t gentrified over the past 10-15yrs!

  4. Wow! The views you had as a child are memorable! I wanted to be a dancer but was hopelessly uncoordinated and flunked out of dance class in the second grade! I. Thanks for stopping by my own blog and for your kind comment. I enjoyed reading this post! I had to laugh at your last question and your own answer. We have always had large dogs to accommodate our our large yard. Probably my favorites were our 110 pound German shepherd and a black lab. Both were very sweet, easily trained, loved children and were respectful of guests. My least favorite dog – forgive me – is dachshund! Every one I have know was aggressive toward strangers and was a problem barker. I remember seeing one held by a lady in front of me in a check-out line. It was dressed up and was very cute. “Oh, you are adorable!” I said. The dog’s response? Grrrrrrr!! with teeth bared.

    • hey! Nice to see you coming by again and commenting! I’ve been by your blog and it seems all is well in your neck of the woods! I’ve noticed from recent pics how much your son is growing up! it happens so fast, doesn’t it?

  5. Hello again, found this an interesting read. I would have participated in the fun with you, however, you can hear my world rattling about in a match box. So shall give it a miss. Hope you are well and that all is good in your lovely garden
    Kenny x

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