Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

This week’s photo challenge asks that we share an image of something unexpected. Well, mine is a bit of a “twofer!”

Saturday I went to Jaycee Beach and was totally surprised by a colony of Aloe aborescens that 2 weeks ago gave NO hint of an imminent bloom.  Take a look at them now:

Aloe arborescens, Jaycee Beach, 11/23/2013

Very unexpected!

A. aborescens, native to southern Africa, is one of the most widely cultivated aloes in the world.  As a prized fall-to-winter bloomer, it is found growing from mountains on high to sea level below:

Aloe arborescens, pic 2, Jaycee Beach, 11/23/2013

Each inflorescence is usually unbranched, but sometimes two (or more) arise from a single rosette.

A. arborescens has a conical, compact orange raceme, 11/23/2013

As I investigated the colony further, I ran across a completely unexpected mutant raceme!

Unexpected spilt raceme of Aloe arborescens, Vero Beach, 11/23/13At first I thought my eyes deceived me and maybe I’d missed a branched peduncle (stalk)…but no!  The next photo clearly shows a single stalk:

Unexpected spilt raceme of Aloe arborescens, pic 2, Vero Beach, 11/23/13

I have no idea if a split raceme is rare….but it was certainly unexpected! 😯

Until next time…

🙂 😯 🙂

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  2. Seen the slit here quite often… love this aloe… we say when it flowers on the coast it’s a sign the sardine run is about to begin.. the plants have been flowering every year for the last 8 but the sardines don’t seem to be playing the game… or they’ve been fished out…

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