Weekly Photo Challenge: One Focal Point

This week’s challenge asks us to share an image with an obvious focal point.  Even when half obscured, the pink and white flowers on my Castor Bean Plant (Ricinis communis gibsonii) are one arresting sight!

Ricinis communis gibsonii, 12/23/13

Ricinins communis flowers are monoecious, meaning separately sexed blossoms appear on one stem, with the female (pinkish red) in topmost position. Both male and female flowers lack petals.  Depending on wind and weather, R. communis is either self or cross-pollinated.

Ricinis communis gibsonii, 12/17/13The male/white flowers senesce (mature and die) shortly after shedding their pollen, but the female flowers further develop into ½ -1″ long capsules covered in soft spines.  When fully mature, these capsules split open, revealing 3 smooth, attractively patterned ½” seeds. (When this happens, I’ll post a new pic!)

Without doubt, the Castor Bean plant is a focal point in my winter garden!


Until next time!!!


Merry Christmas!

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