If you’re spending Christmas alone….

Last year, I awoke to an empty house on Christmas morning: my boys weren’t here due to new jobs, and Maggie wasn’t arriving ’til afternoon.  Mind you, I wasn’t facing the entire day alone–only 6 hours–but it felt strange and uncomfortable and NOTHING like the media’s portrayal of huge family get-togethers with tons of smiles and presents.

Frankly,I didn’t know what to do with myself and then I remembered ❗


Company for Christmas is a seasonal blog fueled by goodwill and volunteers; it goes “live” tomorrow (12/25/13) for anyone alone and looking for a little holiday cheer. The stark reality is this: many people spend the day in isolation, not depressed exactly, but reluctant to reach out to friends they perceive as busy and happy with their own relatives and lives. No one likes to intrude, so this is where C4C comes in! :)

If you’d like someone to talk to, or if you’re a good listener, please swing by the Company for Christmas blog. The chat room will be open throughout Christmas Day, and the conversation is bound to be lively and interesting!  Best of all, it requires no money AND you may find a new blog or two to follow.  Win-win!

Pay it forward :arrow: Get involved :arrow: Download the C4C badge!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Until next time……



14 thoughts on “If you’re spending Christmas alone….

  1. What a fantastic idea! I’ll keep this in mind for next year and my expat friends who don’t always have the benefit of friends and family close by.

    Hope you had a great Christmas also 🙂

  2. This was a wonderful idea. Thanks for alerting everyone to this great activity. I also know what is was like to spend part or all of Christmas day alone. That is some years ago now, but I still remember the pain of loneliness and the weight of society’s expectations.

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