Bryophyllum houghtonii, Hybrid Mother-of-Millions

Jack is finally airborne!
After yesterday’s flight cancellation, I was relieved when today’s flight took off without a hitch ➡ ETA 3pm at Orlando Airport. 🙂

Because I may not post too often while he’s here, I thought I’d show you the Ranchero’s latest blooming Kalanchoe (or Bryophyllum, if you prefer) the hybrid K. houghtonii:

K houghtonii emerging flower buds and plantlet, 1/5/14

Here’s a view of the entire plant, which oddly grew parallel to the ground for 3 feet before infloresceing skyward:

K houghtonii, 1/5/14

Bryophyllum houghtonii is a hybrid form of B. daigremontianum x B. delagoense. There is much disinformation online–with erroneously labeled photos–of these 3 nearly identical plants. The best way of differentiating them is by closely observing the leaves: variegated boat-shaped leaves are indicative of the houghtonii hybrid:

K houghtonii boat shaped leaves, 1/5/14As the buds mature, they deepen from whitish-pink (as seen in the next pic) to either coral or red, depending on sun exposure.

K houghtonii inflorescense, 1/5/14

And now we’re off to the airport! 🙂

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks, JM!
      He and I are word game fanatics so we’ve been spending alot of time surrounded by Scrabble and Bananagrams tiles! A college friend he hasn’t seen in awhile drove up from Del Ray, so they’ve gone out to the beach for a bit–not the greatest weather today, (cloudy mostly…but at least it’s warm!) but good enough for beachcombing!
      (FYI: I’m heading over to catch up with your blog as soon as I finish this reply.)

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