“Joy in one’s heart, and laughter on one’s lips…..”

Joy in one’s heart and laughter on one’s lips is a sign that person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.” —Hugh Sidey, Journalist

I ran across the above quote awhile back, and it came to mind as I was uploading the last few pics from Jack’s vacation week.

Jack and Maggie at Jaycee Beach, 1/12/14

The return of Florida’s iconic sunshine allowed us to spend his final 3 days beachside, with plenty of time for laughs and conversation.

Jack and "big Ma" at Jaycee Beach, 1/12/14

If there’s a plus side to geographic separation from family, it may be the startling awareness of growth you notice when reunited.  In early childhood, visitors exclaim “look how BIG you’ve gotten!” and I found myself thinking the same of Jack, not physically of course (although he is GIGANTIC 😉 ) but emotionally and–for lack of a better word–spiritually.

In the annals of Jack’s life, 2013 will be recorded as his first big “setback year” ➡ sooner or later it happens to all of us, and how we react (and cope) determines much of what comes next.  From my vantage of time and distance, I was thrilled to note big changes in self awareness, sensitivity, and character since his visit last May.  His sense of humor is as irreverent as ever, and deep down he has a pretty good grasp of life.

As a parent, you can’t ask for better than that!

Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

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13 thoughts on ““Joy in one’s heart, and laughter on one’s lips…..”

    • I went around to watch that video and man! You were right…those little girls are talented and wise beyond their years! My boys’ apt. is quite near the area where the explosives at the Marathon hit, so they were impacted by the police presence and ensuing manhunt. That was a bad week for Bostonians in general, and those girls writing a song of hope and remembrance is a beautiful thing!

    • Oh, Thank you, Cindy! All 3 of my kids got wonderful height from my ex. He came from tall German stock on his mother’s side, (God rest her soul, she was a wonderful woman who died right after we married, so never knew her grandkids.)
      My oldest son hasn’t been down in almost 2 yrs.: he’s an audio/visual technician who worked freelance for years. In late 2012 he took a full time in-house position (in addition to a steady wkend side job,) and has no time for much besides work, work, work. A/V production jobs seem immune to the economic downturn, that’s for sure. Everyone he graduated with has been steadily employed these past 10yrs!

  1. Time and experience have a way of remolding us, even after the bodies have stopped growing, don’t they? I hope 2014 will bring better tiding than did 2013!

    • Yes, JM they certainly do!
      I think 2014 will be much better for him, mainly due to his positive outlook and ability to own his mistakes. So many people NEVER get past blaming others for what is clearly self-inflicted; I think this (more than anything else) stunts growth and keeps people in ruts.

  2. Oh thank you! I do feel blessed my kids grew up to be decent young adults. There were quite a few reasons they might NOT have, but somehow God smiled on us all.
    Re: the weather—if it makes you feel better, it’s been quite chilly since the day I took these pictures, as you can tell by the sweaters and sweatshirts! two nights ago, I dragged a lot of my container plants inside because overnight it’s gone into the 30s!
    If you come to Florida in the next few months, be sure to get in touch!!

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