Medinilla magnifica, a Gardenfest Showstopper!

Today was the first day of Gardenfest 2014, an annual event that draws industry vendors and garden enthusiasts from miles around. The offerings are always unique and beautifully presented, but today I saw an epiphyte that stopped me in my tracks:
Gardenfest Showstopper, M. magnifica, Valkara Gardens Booth,  2/1/14

The stunning Medinillla magnifica grows in partial shade locations from the soil pockets of rainforest trees or beneath these same trees in clearings.  The leathery foliage is aroid-like and can reach 12″ long with ballerina pink fly-leaves cascading from succulent stems. At full bloom, the fly-leaves drop panicles that dangle a foot and half below the plant’s body:

Medinilla magnifica hanging basket, 2/1/14, Valkaria Gardens Vendor Booth, Gardenfest

Here’s a close-up of the panicle:

Medinilla magnifica Close-up,, 2/1/14, Valkaria Gardens Vendor Booth, Gardenfest

The next photo shows a panicle at the very end of the 4-6wk bloom period. It’s easy to see why M.magnifica is sometimes called Phillipine Rose Grape:

Medinilla magnifica, 2/1/14, Valkaria Gardens Vendor Booth, Gardenfest

M. magnifica prefers dappled shade and high humidity. It can grow outdoors in Zones 10-11 and elsewhere indoors as a conservatory or houseplant!

For more on this Gardenfest Showstopper, check out the grower’s website at

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15 thoughts on “Medinilla magnifica, a Gardenfest Showstopper!

  1. Showstopper is right, SHBG – I’ve never seen a specimen as magnifier as this! I fell in love with them years ago, living here in the Australian Sub-tropics, but never had much luck with them 😦 We had several varieties in Sri Lanka and I thought perhaps I’d be more successful there, but really, I should have kept them in pots, suspended above the ground – too much rain in the true tropics, even when planted in gravelly pits!

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