Our reservations are booked!

A few weeks ago I shared the excitement of receiving my first ever Passport. Let’s just say I’m REALLY thrilled now that our flights are booked! 🙂

England here we come!

London Heathrow Arrivals Runway L7

Initially, we planned to explore the UK for two solid weeks in August, but learned we could knock 400.00 off each round trip airfare if we travelled in September….and stopped for 4 days in Iceland!!   How crazy is that????

Halló Reyjkavik!

Aerial View of Reyjkavik, Iceland from Bloomberg.com

We depart Orlando late on Sept 10 and arrive Iceland early the next morning.  According to Moyen Brenn’s blog and flickr site, we can expect a countryside that looks like this:

Iceland, stormy landscape from the ring road, south area, east of Vik, 9/3/13

and maybe even catch the Aurora Borealis!
Iceland, Northern lights from Vik area, east direction, 9/3/13

To quote my world travelling daughter, “Iceland was never even on my radar! I’m soooooo excited!”

So here’s where you all come in.  I would love recommendations for accommodations in Reykjavik, as well as the British areas of South Oxfordshire and East Sussex. (Eventually I’ll ask about Devon and Cornwall but I’m not ready for those yet! 😉  FYI: We’re inclined toward b&b/guesthouses/barges not hotels.  Thank you in advance, of course!

Until next time……

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Our reservations are booked!

    • I was so surprised by the many carriers who use Reykjavik as a stopover to Europe. I guess looking at the map, it makes sense, but just seemed wierd!
      We’ve been researching things to see and do there, and in 3 days I think we can manage quite a few of them. Our biggest hope is that we see the Aurora Borealis and find nice thick Icelandic sweaters (cheap!) in one of the many vintage clothing stores we found listed at The House that Lars Built

  1. Hello! Just came across your blog (I’m a fellow gardener)…and thought I should reply, as I’m from England! I don’t have particular places to recommend, but there is a great website called Sawdays that lists loads of really cool places to stay in the UK (and Europe) – old inns, B&Bs, yurts, cabins etc etc I have no connection to them at all, I’ve just used them myself when I’ve been travelling in Europe, and I think they also have lovely places in the UK. Might be a good start. There is also the National Trust (which manages many former stately homes, castles etc and now rents out things like former gardeners cottages on their land, often in amazing places. And Cool Camping has some pretty amazing campsites. Don’t know if this is of any help, but I hope you enjoy your trip!

    • Thank you so much!
      Per your recommendations, I checked Sawdays and the National Trust. You have pinpointed the EXACT type of accomodations we’re interested in booking. (we never stay in chain hotels if it can be avoided!) Both have VERY reasonably priced offerings! Anything else that’s off the beaten track you think we MUST see/do while we’re there?

  2. Oh wow!!! This is so very exciting! I’m hoping to get my first passport later this year for a hopeful trip to Italy next year so I understand the feeling.

    But wow, England AND Iceland….so very cool! 🙂

    • Thank you!
      So… you too are planning your first trip across the ocean? My daughter LOVED Italy! They were there about a month, in Rome, Venice, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast and absolutely raved about the food and all the wonderful history. You will be so charmed by everything there, I’m sure!
      I can’t believe I got this old before getting a passport, but i guess there were lots of reasons…mainly kids to raise and all the financial priority shifting that entails!
      As the great “they” always say, “No time like the present.” right?

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