Wordless Wednesday: February 19, 2014

This morning I woke up and saw red……

Ricinis communis gibsonii, Ranchero, 2/19/14

….for the millionth time! 😉

Bryophyllum houghtonii in full bloom, Ranchero, 2/19/14

…not necessarily a bad thing…unless of course you’re a mole! (Click here to learn why!)


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Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: February 19, 2014

    • Red is one of my fave colors..in fact when I was in High School, it was my all time favorite, which didn’t sit well with my Catholic school!
      We had the typical uniform of blazers and plaid skirts, but sock/hose color weren’t delineated. When I was a Senior, red was particularly “in”, so I decided to sport red knee socks and a thick red headband (it was the 70s remember) to bring out the red stripe in the plaid skirt.
      The nuns went nuts! The principal called me in and practically spat the word “Puttana!” at me, and then she called my mother.
      hahahaha! what a funny scene….Every time i think of it, I see that crazy old lady’s angry face yelling Puttana. She couldn’t have been more upset if I’d taken out the Pope!
      how times have changed, eh?

  1. Those photos are gorgeous, and of course with the winter we’re having, I LOVED seeing the foliage. Beautiful.

    Thank you for using my WW at the end.

  2. Good Morning Karen! CH will find that info very interesting. I was thinking that when we moved to Florida moles would no longer be a problem. Not so I guess. CH does well with the traps he uses but there are so many moles on The Tiny Ten! I think you have some lovely red in your photos! I have some questions for you about the care/maintenance of palm trees which I will be asking in a bit.. 😀 Just curious ya know. I will do some googling too.

      • Did I read correctly???? You said, “moving to Florida?”
        Being a northerner, I had NO IDEA there were so many different types of Palm trees! Going through the Master Gardener course here sure did open my eyes to the distinctions among this diverse group!
        Details, woman! I want to know everything about this move of yours!

        • We always think we are moving to Florida when we come back from a couple of weeks there, It just got a little more serious this time. I still can’t bring myself to leave the Tiny Ten But CH is tired of the work here and has wanted to move to Florida for years! We have a realtor at both ends. We shall see.. 😀

          • Oh you sound like us!
            My daughter and I waffled on the decision for several years, too, until finally in March of 2009 (after a particularly AWFUL winter) we got serious, and started the househunt just like you are now.
            🙂 Best of luck with your plans! 🙂

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