Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

This week’s photo challenge asks us to use three distinct elements to “tell a story in three pictures.”:.

1. Use a broad shot to establish the subject; I’ve chosen a Yucca gigantea from my rear container garden:

Yucca gigantea, 2/23/142. Snap a photo showing 2 elements interacting within the broad subject. Lucky for me, I noticed three crosshatched webs loosely connected to the leaf margins and each other.

Yucca gigantea leaf with webbing and bugs, 2/23/14

3. Show a more detailed image of the elements in picture 2.  Look real closely, and you’ll see two small creatures among the webbing. (Note, clicking on the next photo will enlarge it for a better view.)

Cropped for close-up view of webbing/critters, 2/23/14

I’m not sure if these teeny critters are bugs or spiders….or if the cottony material is part of either’s entymology or something completely seperate! I queried several bug specialiists for assistance and have received emails saying they’re investigating further. (Thank you, George!) I will update with positive I.d. as soon as the info comes in!

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Until next time……

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  1. I followed your comment on Marylin Warner’s website to your own. In your reply I notice that you like intergenerational stories, which I relish also. I also like your interest in plants and gardens, a topic often featured on my blog. You have a special invitation to visit me at http://plainandfancygirl.com. Love you photos, by the way.

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