This Much Disdain leads to Spiral.

Today I’d like to shake things up and introduce you to This Much, an acoustic trio whose folk inspired melodies I think you’ll love!

This Much, an Acoustic Trio from Boston, Ma.

From left to right, John, Denny, TC (my son!)

This Much was formed in Boston in 2012 and consists of Terrence Mulhern – vocals, guitar, keyboards, recording/mixing;  Denny Kennedy – drums, manager;  John Stricker – bass.  Thus far, they’ve released 1 Single and 2 EPs with a full album due out in 2014.

The audio track and video for their newest song, Disdain hits iTunes and Spotify next Tuesday (3/4/14,) but you can preview it here right now!  Sit back, and feast your eyes and ears on this subtle, atmospheric gem: (video and editing by Denny Kennedy and John Stricker)

Amazing what an iPhone and  Mac can do, yeah?

TC has been writing songs almost since the first day he picked up a pencil, so you can imagine the musical incarnations I’ve heard develop over the years. Without question, this next song, Spiral, is my ALL TIME favorite.  When I listened to the demo version via email audio file, I shook and got goosebumps.  Musical tastes vary of course, and your reactions may differ (I am the boy’s ma after all 🙂 ) but I think anyone who clicks the orange button below will appreciate it! (Note: A doubleclick may be necessary: depending on your machine, Soundcloud can be a tad sluggish to load!)

Pretty damn awesome, isn’t it?

You can hear more from This Much by clicking their Soundcloud page

Until next time……

🙂 🙂 🙂

{Header Image credit: “Crossing the Mass Ave Bridge, Boston” by Bill Damon,)

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10 thoughts on “This Much Disdain leads to Spiral.

    • Thank you, Gilly!
      . Although I focus primarily on my plants, occasionally I’ve thrown in family and other posts of a more personal nature. I figured not too many people would click and listen,(wrong audience) but felt strongly about placing a few of TC’s songs on the blog I REALLY appreciate that you gave this post a shot. I can tell him someone in England liked his music! Thank you! 🙂

  1. Disdain and the video are great! You must be so proud.. 🙂 Nice to see your son and his wonderful talent with This Much! Yes, they are pretty damn awesome! I was going to mention your gorgeous header!!! I will be back later today to listen again and click more links. Bravo!

    • Thank you!
      He’s a really good person, too! Back in high school (when so many males are jerky!) I began describing him as a “fine citizen” who does the right things simply because it’s the right thing to do! Very admirable trait!
      I’m glad you enjoyed his music! 🙂

    • Thank you, Jo!
      he is so devoted to it, and although they do this strictly as a hobby. they’re all full time employed but spend as much time at their practice space as they do at their jobs!

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